Beat Em? Join Em? Or hold what ya got?

I, like a lot of you guys, have bought a few chromium packs and gotten a few chromium only characters to unlock. I've been hesitant to level and gear them knowing I didn't wan to spend the money required to star them up. Now the day has arrived and we've got confirmation of our hopes that these characters would (eventually) become farmable.

I now feel ok going ahead and leveling the ones I want. I realize it's stil a bit of a gamble. The character I am working on maybe next and in something accessible like GW shipments or it maybe last with just one node to farm. But it is going to happen. I've actually got a 3 star QGJ that would fit in nicely with my mix, but I'm just a few days away from getting Old Dirty Daka. Decisions decisions...

By here's the deal... I don't have to make the decision now. My advice to myself? Hold the currency for a bit and see what comes out next. It'll take a bit to save up a lot of cantina shipments and until you have enough tokens to unlock and promote to a point the character is useable, you're not out anything. I do suppose it might cost you a few days if you don't use refresh to spend all of the tokens at once but that's a lot less time than it would take to gather more up and go a different route. And for the 4 star useable ones I have that were pay only I guess I'll go ahead and level/gear them knowing one day I can star em.

TLDR: You don't have to make a decision right now... So don't!
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