Lookin for arena shard mates!! Cad, Jack Bowar, Paul Meng

Hey guys! Are you here? Why don't we organize our payouts? If you comment here I can create a Discord server and add you to chat!


  • Hey! Good to be able to communicate...
    Yeah I'd be happy to be in touch and coordinate things! From what I can tell, you have European payout and are always in the mix for one. I am east coast US payout, and try to leave the top spot open until after England gets paid. But I'm down to help in any way I can.
    Koee, Swamp, Grimmy and AlexMad91 are also all guild mates of mine and we have great teamwork amongst us.
    Hit me back man and tell me what you think
  • Hei jack! Where can I fino you? Line, discord? I'd like to cooperate with y'all
  • Sure - my discord ID is Jak Bowar, #7743
  • Hey! I am Roberto.
    My payout is GMT -3. I attack between 4pm and 4:40 p.m. and at the time of my payout.
  • Hi Roberto! We created a chat on discord. Do you Wanna join us?
  • Hi.
    User rwarstat, ID #8694.
  • Torin_Woodle
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    Hi guys, I'm sure you don't know me because I'm at #91 in arena atm. In game name of Torin Woodle. I know this an old post, but I recognized the players because I am also in this Shard. Recently had Swamp comment on my looking for Shard mates thread
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  • @Jak_Bowar - you guys still have a shard chat going? I'm pushing a little and don't want to step on anyone's toes.
  • Nightmist, I don't know if we have an actual dedicated shard chat at this point, but matter and cad post on our guild's discord channel at times to get in touch with Grimmy or myself, or we message directly. Feel free to hit me up on discord, my contact info is in an earlier post above...
    Also, what's your in-game name?
  • @Jak_Bowar - I'll download discord and reach out. My in game name is Nightmist66. I haven't had much time for arena the past couple days, but I've pushed up to 17 recently. Usually hanging 20-40.
  • Tanaka
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    Hey guys, my in game name is Ag3ntappl3. It's actually my alt, but definitely interested in coordinating payouts with you guys if there is a discord chat going. My discord id is Tanaka#7670
  • cheers guy´s ... same same, i am on the shard as well - IG Name is JansonJanson ....
  • Hey Janson! We have an arena shard chat set up on discord - Kegstrck, Cad, Matter, Ro Tahn Taske, Grimmy and myself talk on there regularly.
    If you're on discord, friend request me at Jak Bowar #7743 and I'll invite you in...
    Look forward to talkin with you man
  • Hi Jack. I sent a request you via Discord. Can you accept that, please? Thanks.
  • @Jak sent you an request :)
    saw the massage just now ....
  • I reached the top 50 now in our shard. I don't want to intrude on anyone so I'm going to say it now. I only attack in the arena in the morning when I'm trying to get my dailies done, and within the 2-3 hours before my payout (currently its 6:00 pm EST but after daylight savings it's 7:00 pm EST).
  • @Torin_Woodle - what's your in game name now?
  • @Nightmist66 it's Matterhorn. I'm one of the few teams left that run NS.
  • Is this Discord still active by chance? I actually have a discord now, made it long before I took a break from the game
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