Amount of secondary boost on mods?

There's a mk 1 - c defense processor in my mod shop right now. Total junk, of course, but with two possibly redeeming qualities. One of the secondaries showing is speed, and it's available for under 125k credits. The other one is a flat offense boost, so nothing great. Assuming I can get the speed to boost twice, how fast will this mod be? Even on credit heist day, there's a lot else to spend on, so I don't want to buy something that might get all the way to +5. Thanks!


  • Kyno
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    I don't know the possible value, but the real question is are you willing to spend that much just to be disappointed?
  • leef
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    125k isn't cheap enough to just test it?
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  • Defense mods aren't good for much. I bought 2-3 dot potency and crit damage mods with speed secondaries though. Especially since I don't have the team to get those mods by challenges
  • leef wrote: »
    125k isn't cheap enough to just test it?

    If someone knew, that'd be better. Turns out I do have a couple arena toons without speed secondaries on that spot, but I'd be giving up mk5 crit chance or damage mods to use it. Lando had a mod with neither speed nor offense, so I took a chance. Two boosts to offense least I got some crit chance as well. Didn't have that before. He's now listed at just over 60% instead of 59.5%.
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