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  • @Billcarson66 I'm pretty sure we're in the same shard, when I went live I was rank 476. See if there's a "MarrowAsh" in the top 50, that's me. Also, told ya about the energy leveling, it's impossible without a **** ton of SIMs. I can no longer get #1 spot and during the day I get pushed back to #15.
  • Billcarson66
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    @MistSaint Yup, I'm in your shard. I'm Blackwind. Can you believe someone has a 7* DN? I'm currently 47 I should hit level 50 later today. Want to try tier 2 of the credit heist.
  • @Billcarson66 So it's pretty clear that the only way to remain at the top is to be a whale. All we gotta do is hold our position in the top 50 or 100. Endgame is the only chance we have at breaking through because at that level we'll have more resources and some players might have stopped playing.
  • @MistSaint Yup. I bought the DS starter pack, but a 7* DN is crazy. The nice thing is my large bank account. I unlocked Boba and had the credits to max him. Baze will be a long farm, but I'm saving 2400 of my original 4200 crystals to unlock him. I'm glad they lowered the price, but it will take longer. I'm 3/50 now.

    The double drops has made it so I can G7 all my pilots and my arena team as soon as I hit the level requirement. One on our shard is already 50 and a couple more will be soon. I'll hit it after activities reset and start the mod battles immediately. These double GW rewards will help me get my Biggs up quick. I just have to find a good guild and I'll be rolling. What's your payout time? If I make it up there tonight, I don't want to snipe you. Mine is 7 pm US central.
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    @Billcarson66 My payout time is 6pm UTC. So you managed to farm all the gear necessary for G7, including purples? I have enough blues for G7 but definitely not purples. Also, if you want you can join my guild, we have spots and I can give a word for you.
  • @MistSaint Pretty much. The luke events helped. I'm missing a few, but I'll get em Monday for sure. I still have 1500 energy. The luke event has given me 10 prototypes. Plus challenges and buying in shipments.

    I just hope my team can clear the first mod table so i can get a bunch of sets.
  • @Billcarson66 I still have 3200 energy so I guess I'll do that too.
  • @Billcarson66 I took a peek at your roster, be careful to not spread yourself too thin. Talia, for example, is not a good character, don't invest too much in her. Also, I'm assuming your pilots include GS, JS and Ackbar?
  • @MistSaint I hear you....I'm only doing it to ensure completion of the double drop GW's. Without much damage, those battles can drag and you need healers. I'm only going all out for this weekend. Many will be shelved after that.
  • @Billcarson66 Crap, I can't farm them since tier 5 battles only unlock at 49.
  • Did you hit 50 yet Bill?

    I got some good mods on my alt account today which has helped me finish top20 for the first time since I landed in the shard. My Boba and Han now go faster than any opponent I can gauge in 10-30 range of my shard.

    Let's see how it develops and if I can hold 20-30 rank overnight.
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    @Lekrom1982 Do you not have problems with STHan being dispelled? I would imagine all those Darth Nihili would give you a hard time. Or does Boba ensure that the enemy can't use their abilities?
  • @Lekrom1982 Yes, and I have unlocked and 3 starred health mod challenge tier 1. I will have my arena squad decked out with 3 dot health mod sets by tomorrow. I got 20th place and will have Sthan to replace RG. Looking at the shard tho, I don't think I can get top 10
  • @MistSaint my shard does not seem to value the tenacity stat enough haha. Most "Nihili" get ability blocked or Palp stunned easily. By the time he dispels Han, the team has taken plenty of turns and taken out most of the other team. Just got #15 this morning against a decked out 7* Veers Trooper squad. Was a tight battle though...I'm back at 20 for now. Hopefully I will get some more good secondary speed stat mods tomorrow to speed up my team even more. Don't think I will crack top10 easily until all are at L85, as the current top 5 are 4-5 levels ahead.

    @Billcarson66 well done on getting mods enabled in time for the double drop tomorrow. Pity the shard is so whaled up but it is what it is. I am having second thoughts on whether I want to go through all this again haha.
  • @Lekrom1982 I mentioned in an earlier post....I'll try it for awhile til is out of crystals. I kinda want to see if my ship/pilot situation is good, so I might continue for the two weeks it takes me to unlock ships. I know ship shard is a different mix, so my advantage here won't spill over.

    I'm gonna try hard to get tier 2 of the health challenge 3 starred. If I can run 4* mods this early, I may be able to crack top 10.
  • MistSaint
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    @Billcarson66 @Lekrom1982 So I actually decided to return to my old account, it's almost at 85 anyway. Looking at my roster and seeing my complete disregard of resource management makes me cringe however.
    @Lekrom1982 Do you mind posting your ally code so I can add you?
  • Sure @MistSaint - which account though :) ?

    my original is L83 now and I'm managing to focus it better. But am still running with the alt account L74.
  • BTW have been able to hold between 16-23 now for more than a day on defense on the alt/hoard acc.
    Hoping for more speed mods in this last push of double drop.
  • @Lekrom1982 Both I guess, I cleared out most of my allies.
  • Izza
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    I'm also surprised at the number of whales, I'm facing so many Chaze, 7* DNs with SA & ST, 7*Wiggs.. it's crazy. Thinking of playing until I hit ships, and decide whether to carry on or not. My main account is doing quite well now, so may not be worth the time...
  • @Izza That was my thought as well. I cleared the second tier of the health mod challenge, so I can equip my team with 4 dot mods. The luke event gave me a 6* scavenger so I can get AAT rewards, and I still have over 3k crystals. I got 13th in arena, but if the better mods don't get me top 10, I may abandon it.
  • Okay so I just got to #10 on my payout! Was on #7 but got sniped haha.
    My team is about 3-5k power below the top10 so will see if I can hold overnight. I held #20 most of the day without battling.
  • Hey all. So the question is should I hoard at level 7 and then drop all in one day to start arena? Or 27? What would be the advantage of hoarding from L7 vs hoarding from L27?
  • @Jek_Face Go to 27. You will get cantina energy and you can do the first tier of all the challenges. Best of all, you will get all the two star marquee(Ashoka tano fulcrum) characters as well.
  • Jek_Face
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    Has it been determined if the shard is created at L8 or L28?
  • Level 28. I just went live a week ago with an account that has been level 27 since march
  • Jek_Face
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    Awesome. Thanks for the update.
  • @Lekrom1982 I hit 6th in arena, but there is no way I can get any higher. I am out of my extra energy, so the top guys are gonna start leveling faster.

    I can probably fight my way into top 10 daily for awhile, but we will see. My arena power just jacked up my GW today and I couldn't get past node 11.
  • Izza
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    @Billcarson66 mate, what level toons did you use for mod battles and challenges? I just unlocked mods and going through the stage 1 battles.
  • @Izza The battle tabes(only the first two) I cleared at level 50 cleared the first two tiers off the health challenge at level 53, G7 on my guys. Most had decent two for mod sets on. Lando lead, Boba, Vader, JC, Barris, and Biggs. Biggs was still G6
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