Rancor Guilds recruiting players- UK based

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We have currently got 2 guilds for different levels. Due to the recent break away we are looking for new recruits at levels 60+.

We use discord to communicate with members in all three guilds so if you are thinking of joining we recommend you download discord app so you don't miss out on any information.

Both guilds are very sociable and members are often talking about all sorts from questions about the game to general talk.
We aren't strict with many rules, instead we ask that you try and contribute as much energy daily so we can launch raids quickly, we also expect people to be proactive when it comes to guild challenges so that everyone can get better rewards.
Inactivity is the only way you'll get kicked so you can't lose your place once you join.

Are 2 Guilds are:

CLM 501st
This guild is our highest and is for level 78+ players who want to do T6 and push for T7
The leader is CC 8364 'Wasa' and his ally code is 337-427-667 so send him an invited if you want to join.

CLM 327th
Is our second guild for level 60+ players who want to do T4-5 raids.
The leader is CT 8366 'Todd' and his ally code is 431-486-122 so send him an invite if you want to join.

If you join the second guild and then level up to 78 then you can say on discord that you would like to transfer to the higher guild.

Once we fill these 2 guilds up again we are looking to expand further, opening up another guild or two.

If you're interested in joining PM me, add me on discord CLM.Admin#9207 or add the ally codes above.
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