Bronzium Data Card is BROKEN

So my buddy and i each saved up 2k tokens to summon at the same time. I get nothing but garbage not even a single shard and he pulls Boba Fett... i dont mean a shard i mean the WHOLE hero. He got all 80 shards from 1 bronzium data card and now has a 4 star Boba. **** it says 1-2 star characters, character shards in the item description and he pulls a 4 star Boba. Jesus how many bugs does this game have?!


  • It's not a bug; it's just a somewhat inaccurate description. He just got lucky. Quite a few people have reported getting 4* full heroes from bronze packs.
  • Wait, you're complaining because your friend got a 4* Boba draw from a Bronzium card and you didn't?
    Your friend got lucky that's all. Would you be complaining about how broken this game is if you had got the Boba draw instead of your friend?

    Bronzium cards have always had a chance to drop 4* since beta, and many people have been posting about it right now and even EA_Jesse the Community Manager that moderates these boards has posted and confirmed this is intended.

    I'm guessing someone changed the description for the Bronzium cards and removed the mention of 3 and 4* drops when they shouldn't have, which makes it a display error.
  • I'm posting a bug/glitch in the appropriate section. Why remove the proper description? And yes i wish i got the 4* draw lol honestly just thought it was a bug since it doesn't mention it at all.
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    Some intern over at Capital Games probably removed it by accident when they weren't supposed to, who knows?

    Maybe at one point they had intended to make it so the Bronzium cards would no longer have a chance to drop 4* characters but then they changed their minds at the last minute because they realised how many people would complain about it, but they forgot to revert the updated text description. *shrug*
  • I opened about 30 chromium cards e get not even one single shard of o good character, just poor character. Not even a 4 star. Spend a good money for nothing.
  • If anything, the overly low drop rate to me is the issue. Whenever I open them now, I'm never excited...
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