Should gear be removable?

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Should we be able to remove gear from characters so we can use it for other chars? (doesn't have to be free)

Should gear be removable? 57 votes

Yeah, great idea
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No (farming is too much fun;-))
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  • Nauros
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    No (farming is too much fun;-))
    No. People would just get 1 of the higher level gear and share it among their characters...
  • Vodo
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    Yeah, great idea
    Nauros wrote: »
    No. People would just get 1 of the higher level gear and share it among their characters...

    Well, you need at least 5 chars in a competitive party and not all chars have the same gear, so you would still need to farm a lot
  • Gotta love your blatantly biased polls.

    As to topic I don't know how it would work. Are you wanting to strip them down to gear I or have some kind of limit.
  • Yeah and we should be able to transfer stars from one hero to another. Abilities too! Just unequip all the abilities and spend the mats elsewhere...
  • Yeah, great idea
    Personally, I prefer actual system instead of burning 20 toons for just 5, but then I think about all that purple laptops which I could place for better toons.
  • Yeah, great idea
    I think you should be able to take it off characters and throw it on others but you shouldn't be able to just swap it back and forth. Maybe a one time move and it costs some credits or crystals to move it.

    I'd say no if the drop rates of purple stuff wasn't so weak (I swear that it seems lower now than a few weeks ago) which makes some characters a real pain to gear up to 7 and 8. I don't mind grinding to gear up a character, to a degree that is. I don't like needing weeks to just gear up a couple slots on a single character.

    That or you should simply be able to trade in characters for some gear or credits. If someone has no use for a character they may have used early on then they should be able to get something in return for them rather than having them sit there collecting dust.
  • No not on all characters. The only time you should be able to remove equipment is after a character nerf and also be able to remove levels from that nerfed character to get gold and training droids back and removal of shards so you can trade them with this next update. the only thing that needs a nerf is the ability to nerf.
  • Rolf
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    No (farming is too much fun;-))
    I would be all for this if they implemented some sort of "gear customization", where we had individual control of what gear our chars could use. Then it would be useful and fun to switch things in/out for certain strategies.
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  • Yeah, great idea
    It would be great, but only if we had to pay credits (ingame money) for it based on the gear eg (for each gear) white 10k; green 25k; blue 50k; purple 150k ~ or something along those lines, just to keep it balanced
  • Yeah, great idea
    I like this idea, as long as it is limited. I could see a very clunky and cumbersome process of gear swapping every time to change your team for something.
  • Song
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    i dont like the idea. I like old school type of game. Once you use the gear it stick with the hero forever. So you have to think who to invest.

    If gear can switch back & forth. Basically you don't have to farm anymore since you can share gears with other Heroes.

    The game design is to make ppl to waste energy either on (gears or shards) and the purpose to refill energy to to encourage ppl to spend money on this game.

    Bad business I don't think it will happen. Secondly make game less challenge.
  • I agree with above poster, Song.

    Ability mats, on the other'd be nice and very generous, but I wouldn't hold my breath or bet on it.

    But imagine if we could remove purple mats as we wish. It'd be chaotic. But i"m sure some players would love that. anyhooo
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