What do you guys think of this?

So been playing since this has been released and absolutely love the game. These are just a few ideas I have, tell me what you think.

Characters by episodes:

Episode 1
Obi Wan Padawan
Battle Droids
Destroyer droids
Captain Panaka
Jar Jar
Gungan Warroir
Naboo Soldier

Episode 2
Obi Wan Jedi Knight
Ki Adi Mundi
Padawan Anakin
Padme Area Battle
Clone trooper
Clone captain
Super Battle Droids
Jango Fett
Zam Wezel
Jedi knight

Episode 3
Obi Wan Jedi Master
General Grevious
Commander Cody
Battle Droid Sniper
Dark Side Anakin
Spider Droid
Wookie soldier
501st clone soldier

Episode 4
Han Solo Smuggler
Rebel Soldier
Rebel Commander
Death Star Officer
Sand Trooper

Episode 5
Hoth Han Solo
Rebel Luke
AT AT Pilot
Bespin Soldier

Episode 6
Rebel soldier endor
scout trooper
Leia Endor
Jedi Luke
AT ST Pilot

Cartoon Series
Captain Rex
Asoka Adult
Mandaloian soldier
Darth Maul Reborn

New Game modes:
Monster hunter.
This mode you have to fight monsters like the rancor and the creatures in the arena from episode 2.

Team Fights.
Similar to galactic war, but you and your team pick a group to attack a planet and defeat all enemies. This would make the use of allies more efficient.

Star Fighter Battles
We all see the fighter silhouettes in the background, and Im ready for that more than anything.
This could be different modes like teams, using squads, single fighters, and destroying different star cruisers.

Tell me what you think of these ideas.


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  • Definitely need a monster battle type dealamajig.
  • Those silhouettes are only there for show. They make you keep playing and maybe spend some cash thinking that some events MAY come later. It's called marketing. Don't be fooled. These guys are very clever.

    Except more is coming ...like 4 movies over the next 4 years, this game is scalable and relevant and has a built-in base since 38 years ago...ease up on the cynicism
  • I'm just ready to see a better obi wan.
  • Nauros
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    I was thinking about the monsters myself too... They (and maybe also heavy machinery, like AT-STs and such) would be imo much better bosses in challenges. I mean, why have often heavily modified playable characters who don't make much sense when we can have something far more epic? Why have Tarkin and Veers start with debuffs for some reason and then obliterate your squad, when we can have for example spider droids charging some heavy weapons? Or Rancor instead of Savage, rampaging through your team and then devouring them one by one?
  • Or even have tank battles, ATTE's vs droid tanks, or army battles
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