CT 5555 sudden increas in Critical Damage

Ok, so I was fighting against a team with Fives in it. I know the guy who owns that team, we know each other in real life, started the game together and been rivals in the same server since then. He recently told me about CT's special move doing a lot more damage than usual. I faced him in Arena and CT critted for WHOPPING 6600 points of damage, plus the assist. My friend runs Sid as a leader but ha always did so and CT crits always stayed under 4000. He didn't even add new pieces of equipment cause he already had each avalaible gear spot filled.
So, what happened? Has CT's special been buffed or is it some kind of a bug?


  • Did he upgrade the ability level? That'd certainly boost the damage potential and you didn't mention that he hadn't. Only other explanations are that you might be comparing his damage values when buffed (with/without offense up and/or advantage) or that his higher damage values could be against a unit with lower armor (and possible absence of a leader that gave defense bonus).
  • The ability level stayed the same, it has been at 6 for the last month and still is.
    He didn't have offense up but yes, he had advantage. The thing is, this huge increase in damage while having advantage only showed in Phasma (who has a reason to, given her special ability) and CT, who shouldn't have a reason to get this big of an increase from advantage.
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