credit exchange wanted.

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Trade arena for gw. Gw for cantina. And Cantina for arena.

They can even make uneven exchange rate. Arena 600 to 400 Cantina .


  • J7000
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    I just want to be able to sell stars of useless hero's for like 1 million credits per star and 50 crystals. >.<
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    Yes, the ability to exchange tokens would be a solid addition and I'm all for it not being uneven given cantina credits are slower to come by.

    I'd be fine with a 2-1 ratio so 800 arena or gw for 400 cantina.
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    If it would mean players spend less on cantina energy refreshes then it'll never happen. Why do you think QGJ was added to cantina shipments and not the arena shipments like he obviously should have been? They want people to spend crystals on refreshes, so they can make more money
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