Arena team advice

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I'm preparing a mostly empire team to replace my current one. Im currently using my cantina energy to get TFP shards. I use arena/cantina(via shard shop) & guild stores to buy raid gear.

The team I'm working on is:
EP 7* g10
Vader 6* g9
ST 4* g9
TFP 5* g9
B2 4* g8

My current team is:
Lando 7* g10
Biggs 7* g10
Wedge 7* g9
St Han 7* g9
Boba 7* g8

My questions are what characters should I gear up first & at what point would you think they're comparable to what they're replacing? B2 & ST seem too soft (but aren't modded yet) & a strong breeze could topple TFP (8,447hp/7216prot without mods). Also, if you had to rate the importance of speed mods for a top 3 on the team, who would it be in what order?

I was thinking of waiting until B2 is at g9 & TFP is 6* at g10 to switch my mods over. For speed priority I was thinking:
2 EP
3 Vader
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