Question about cooldown with Assist fire,Counter attack and more

First of all, If I post in wrong topic, please kindly advise me since I cannot find any Q&A or possible related section

My question is
Does the cooldown turn counted when
1. The character do Counter attack,ex Dooku
2. Attacking with Phasma's assist fire ability
3. Assist fire skill like genosian soldier.
4. Double attack like First order tier pilot when he did it in his basic skill.

Cause I'm working around phasma team.


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    I have not seen this happen. I have a FO team and it doesnt help cooldowns because all of these attacks are basic attacks. It may help JC get the chance to get minus 1 cooldown, not positive.
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    Also all the cooldowns are based off turn meters and those don't change during the asisted attacks
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