should there be heros that can achieve higher gear levels than others

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should there be heros that can achieve higher gear levels than others 16 votes

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  • yes
    At this level cap, yes. At the final level cap, no.
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  • Nebulous
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    It's an ebb and flow. So long as at the end level gears are equalized, it shouldn't be a big deal.
  • no
    So you feel the game should have inherent easily preventable balance issues indefinaatly or at least for the next 6 months to a year?

    Neat, because that's what yes is. A no to any possible current game balance.
  • Sysy
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    Though I love the idea that a geo soldier is much stranger than any jedis, I still want heroes distinguished from npcs, at least in terms of gears.
  • yes
    I think the bugs, inherent speed stat imbalance and some skills clearly performing better than others is more difficult to balance than a handful of characters getting a few extra pieces of gear.
  • shimsham
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    I say no if it means already hard hitters get an even bigger damage boost or if it means those hard hitters gain in other areas like gaining speed and health so they don't have any real weaknesses.

    I think it isn't a big deal if it is for lower hitting guys since this entire app right now works on dps and speed so better to get lower hitting guys to have more use and hopefully get some variety in teams.

    Funny someone thinks it is fine at the current level cap but not at the final. So have a game possibly be quite imbalanced making most people use the exact same characters until the final cap which could in theory be many months down the line. Brilliant.

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