A New Idea

Is it just me or does this game start to get a bit boring after you play it for a bit. Yeah there is always stuff you can work towards but then there are cool downs and you have to wait forever to get energy unless you waste all your crystals. I mean you can run of arena fights, regular energy, cantina energy, GW fights, challenges, and also tbh the keycard things are just a waste of energy in my mind.

So I was thinking that maybe in a new update, we could have a new table, like let's say we use the one in the back left behind the curtains. This table could be a table that was free to play and the rewards were random so one time you could get 50 xp and the next time you could get 1 4* training droid and then the next time you got nothing but the thrill of a close fight. I'm just saying that without something like this, you could complete the game for the day like I know I have many a time.


  • Tobygun23
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    Also a possible reward from this table could be a random shard so really just little rewards for so thing that could be a lot of fun if made correctly.
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