Chat/Messaging system?

I'm surprised there no messaging or chat system in the game. I play in a newer server under the name Lok. Trying to see if anyone else is on the forums!


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    This reminds me of one of CG's game in the past... Supreme Heroes. It was also a mobile app game and it featured heroes you build with equipment to make stronger.

    Part of the game has a Chat room. So you can chat with people who's online at that time while waiting for your energy to refresh. lol

    It was pretty fun. There were also moderators in the chat, so if things got too heated, the culprits would be removed. But I guess that feature didn't make it into this game.
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    Lok... 5* HK47 leader, usually top 10 in arena?

    I'm guessing they might not have a chat/messaging perhaps to prevent harassment?
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    I just think it's reminiscent of other EA titles. Pushed out for certain a certain date, be it fully ready or not. I. E, it just didn't have time constraints to fit a chat/message system for the release date.
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