Question about Arenas

Hi everyone,

A quick question that hopefully people can help clear up for me. If I attack a target, can he attack a target while I am engaged with him?

The reason I ask is that I just attacked someone with 6 minutes to go. I was rank 5, he was rank 2. I finished my battle and as the battle ended (with about 45 seconds on the clock) I was pumped knowing I would end up in second position. However, when I checked the ladder, the person I had attacked was now no1 and the person who was previously no1 had been bumped down down to 5.

So is it correct that people can make attacks while being attacked or is there something sneaky going on?


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    He can't attack while being attacked. He MAY have been trying to attack #1 continuously until your fight finished and he beat the guy by time 6pm arena registered. Either legitimately or not. No way we can guess until you tell us what both teams are.
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    That's what I thought Wazlinski.

    So if I was at number (5) and attacked him (2) I should have locked him out of an attack.

    I finished my attack with less than a minute on the clock. So if he was locked out and was unable to attack until the last minute, and from the new position he was in he would be unable to attack no 1, he somehow managed to get into position 1.

    I'm more than happy to share my team details if need be. Should I be reporting him?
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