Team Idea's and strategies.

Hey been playing this game for a little while now and I'm level 50 I would like some synergy in a team; this area team:
Lumi 4*
Chubacca 3*
Phasma 4*
luke 4*
Asajj/JC 3*

I also have:
Just about to get Sid
gs 1*
Talia 4*
biggs 2*
Asoka 2*
Cad bane 4*
jawa 3*
RG 2*
Savage opress 3*
greedo 4*
snow trooper 2*
Hoth rebel scout 3*
Clone sergeant 2*
Lobot 3*
Resitance Trooper 2*
Ewok Scout 1*
IG-86 3*
FoTP 1*
Grand moff tarkin 4*
uRoRRuR'R'R 4*
Kit fisto 4*
Stormtrooper 3*
Leia 2*
Coruscant Underworld police 1*
Nightsister Initiate 1*

Idea's? Directions on what to focus?


  • Sysy
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    From what you have, Lumi, Phasma and Luke should be there. The rest of the team should be Sid once he is unlocked and either 86 or hoth scout, depending on who you would like to up star first. Experience Lumi, Phasma and Sid leadership as they are all good for different reasons. Though I suspect Phasma/Sid is best for your roster.
  • l3end3r
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    edited January 2016
    Focus Lumi, Sid and QGJ or Poe. Run Phasma, but wait to finish his shard till Lumi. Get GS or JC as youre fifth and your good to go.

    GS for PVP. JC for a decent PVP, But more for GW
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