Option to set your PVP team for battles when other players attack you

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I think there would be an option to set your team for PVP battles when other players attack you. Because it is possible to we want to use different teams when attacking a player at PVP and defending against players at PVP.

And I want to make suggestion about "Ally" system. I think we should have a team that contains set of characters to lend other players. Because when you need a specific hero from your ally it would be better system to use. So with that system we can create a team -for example- that contains 3 heroes and our ally can choose which suits his/her fight better. He may need Anti-Droid hero for his battle so he can choose Eeth Koth, he may need Anti-Jedi hero for his battle so he can choose Count Dooku/Darth Sidious etc.



  • I was trying out all kinds of **** while doing pvp these last week, and would still win,: What is working for me: Phasma (L) Sid Lumi Fives and Vader (Gonna replace with QGJ later)
  • So is there an option to choose your PVP them to defend against other player?
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