Thank you EA!

I have almost played this game for a month now and the last couple of weeks, I have been browsing the forum and learning a lot from fellow 'heroes'. I have seen A LOT of ranting and complaining and whilst I have no desire to comment of that (I guess people have their reasons), I simply want to say thank you to the entire team behind this epic game.

Now, I am not part of the "gamer-generation" (far too old for that), but I grew up with the Star Wars trilogy being a kid in the 80's and I have always loved the universe, rekindled by the newest instalment which almost brought tears to my eyes (I admit it) when Rey and not Kylo Ren force-pulled the stuck saber from the ground with the 'Jedi' tune in the background. Awesome.

After Christmas, I accidentally discovered GoH using my new iPhone, and I have not enjoyed a game that much since playing Game of Thrones the board game for the first time with some mates. I am definitely a geek (like all of us?) but real life commitments etc. haven't afforded me time to play for a decade or so until I decided to pour hours into this one.

The sheer joy of sending Darth Maul into the fray to kill a couple of Jedi scum with the hissing sound of his dual saber almost makes me shiver. I feel like the kid who watched the Milleneum Falcon outfly an Empire cruiser all over again. Thank you for that!

And just on a final note. Contrary to apparently many, I think the gradual expansion of the game is perfect. I don't want it all in one go on a silver plate, but rather extend and expand the fun over time, so I can keep playing and discovering for months and months instead of a quicky. Maybe I am just an ol' geezer, but patience suits everybody. And I like the challenge of having a hard time upgrading and collecting my favourite characters, just like the time you where desperate to get the Diego Maradona football card for the WC 1986 (I know, probably no one can relate to that) - that's the similar feeling I get when I finally manage to get Vader to 5*!

Thanks for all that EA and your awesome team. Keep up the great work and looking forward to be part of the adventure - hopefully for a long time. May the Force be with all of us :)


  • Hello and welcome to the forums!

    I am sorry you did not start gaming sooner, you missed a lot of good ones.

    Glad your having a good time.

    Did you ever get the "El Pibe de Oro" card?
  • Nonemo
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    I was born 1980. I can definitely relate to OP.

    Oh, and Darth Maul single handedly took me through all the DS 7 Hard stages. The rest of my team could just chill.
  • haha I am glad you are enjoying it but I had a nice chuckle at you calling this an epic game.

    A mobile app design that has been around for a while but with Star Wars characters thrown in and that is basically comprised repeating the same thing over and over via tapping a screen is epic? Okay, my man. :)

    I guess though if one isn't a gamer then they may not see how simplistic this app is. I don't think it is anything age related either as in anyone born post 1990 would be considered the gamer generation. I was born in 1978 and play real video games.

    I will say that collecting characters is the most enjoyable thing about it even if many of those characters don't have any real use in the current app so it's more like a collecting hobby. Hopefully they will have a use in the future.
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