Arena Shard: AZ, vA Grafles, Wudacudasuda, Wace Mindu, Dunphuked, DracoBull 4PDA, Occamrazor

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I am trying to create a Line Group for our Arena Shard. Galid and I are in a group. If you have the LINE app and would like to join the group you can find me.

Wace Mindu, DracoBull 4PDA, BobFetta, vA Grafles, AZ, Wudacudasuda, Rentziass, Naoty, Lenthiar, Gangsari, Dunphuked, Ryan Ren, etc...

message me and I will give you Line App ID so you can join.

Anybody on Gailid, ThingamaBOB, and CoachMac Shard want to join on "Line App"??

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