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Okay so I am mostly f2p. at this point completely f2p but, I did spend a little for crystals on chromium packs and energy to farm more gear. ( i don't buy chromium packs anymore)

I want to make the most of the game in the arena(currently sitting at 40), and be able to beat all light side/dark side/cantina missions (really struggling here) and galaxy wars is not a problem for me at this point

Arena Team:
5* 60 Poe Gear7
5* 60 IG86 Gear 7
4* 60 HK Gear 6 (one piece from gear 7)
4* 60 IG88 Gear 7
4* 60 Poggle Gear 6(also one piece from gear 7, those 20+ purple item crafts take a while)

I love my droid team, however I want to diversify and not only get my arena ranking from it (i realize i'm heavily invested in it at this point)
I also want to be able to cruise through light side and dark side missions which with this team as my main focus, I am struggling.
Other characters I have:
5* 60 GS gear 6
4* 60 Lumi Gear 6
6* 60 Sid Gear 6
4* 60 JC Gear 7
3* 60 DOoku Gear 6
4* 60 Talia Gear 6
3* 60 Jawa Gear 5
2* 50 Ashoka Gear 5
3* 48 Chewie Gear 5
2* 40 FOST Gear 3/4
1* royal guard
1* snowtrooper
1* clone seargeant

Not really sure where to go from here. Currently farming: Cantina/Poe, GS from cantina node, sid from arena, lumi from GW.
Should I switch my priorities to something else? A first order phasma squad seems pretty cool with FOO, also an all healer squad might be cool too with daka and teebo/ewok elder?
Or will I probably get the most bang for my buck just focusing on the droids and knock out a few missions as I can?
Any help on how I could get through missions and continue to have a high performing droid team for arena would be most helpful. (currently level 60 rank 40, I know that won't last forever, I'm probably on an easier server or something.) Thanks!


  • JoshG
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    It looks like u have plenty of DS toons although once you get into DS6+ u might struggle without Daka. Your LS team is pretty weak. I would pause farming Poe for a while. 5*s is more than enough for him to do his job. I would max Lumi asap and get JC up to at least 5-6*s. I would also look into a LS damage dealer like Luke or maybe Biggs. Also QJC in cantina shipments would be huge. Good luck!
  • goobstoob wrote: »
    Not really sure where to go from here. Currently farming: Cantina/Poe, GS from cantina node, sid from arena, lumi from GW.

    This sounds perfect. As far as your arena team goes, you might want to consider rotating Sid in as your lead. Not sure who you currently have as lead, but I'm thinking it's probably AK.
    Anyway, I think Sid would give you the huge crit proc and damage buff that your team is begging for.

    Keep Poe, and experiment swapping out one of your droids for Sid in the lead. If you're facing a team with a taunt tank (and hard to tell before entering the battle), put in IG88 for his AOE, and pull IG86. If no tank, rotate out IG88 or HK. HK is not at his best if he's not leading droids.

    Dooku, GS, and possibly Ahsoka are other good toons in your arsenal. Ahsoka gets better at higher levels, so I hear.

    Ewok Elder is one of the hardest to get of the farmable toons right now. You don't see him much, but people that have him, love him. Better than Daka at resurrection and healing. But for DS, Daka is good. Consider Asaj for a DS "healer" too, I hear she has improved and is farmable.

    Good luck!
  • goobstoob
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    Definitely prioritizing Lumi farming atm too. I would love to get phasma in the mix for some arena teams, but I am taking lumi to 7* first, then maybe IG86/Poggle.
    Daka will take a while If I switch to her in Cantina shipments so I'll probly do that eventually, but I'm looking for the shortest term improvements first.
    Thinking since QGJ is only 25 shards, I might stop farming poe for a minute and take 4/5 days and get QGJ. He has an assassin type ability and would seemingly take less time to at least unlock and shoot to level 60 than luke would. that way I could stop farming GS from cantina node for a while and switch to JC to get him 5/6 star (which would make GW easier).
    On another note:
    One thing I can't see, why would I put Sid in as lead? I think I had trouble following your logic about v.s. tank/no tank.
    If I take out HK(currently my favorite arena leader), I lose huge turn meter boosts and critical abilities(more than sidious') with the droids. Are you saying drop the droid theme against taunting tank teams altogether and switch to Sid lead, Poggle, Poe, IG88, IG86/GS/Dooku?

    Decided to refresh my arena battles today for a closer look at more teams and just got wiped 3x in a row almost single handedly by kylo ren on 3 different teams. hes mean when fully geared and the enemy team's poe goes first :(
  • Sysy
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    Sorry you suffered from Kylo. Losing the Poe, however, is the main cause. But if you can, just ability block Kylo with Lumi and he becomes a chicken.

    Back to your questions about the missions. I am recently (lvl 64 then) able to 3 star LS up to 7b hard with a team like this: 6 star Lumi (lead), 5 star JC, 4 star Luke (60), 4 star Poe, and 4 star Finn (57). My Luke has only 7.2k health and normal hits like 1.5k, worse than Finn. I also use Barriss from my allies to boost my suitability. I use my lvl 56 Chewy before I unlocked Finn before the last 2 normal 7 battles.

    As for DS missions, they are far less managable. I have 3 stared all 6n, but have not 3 stared 6a-6c hard. I could 3 star 6E though. My squad is 6* Phasma, 6* Poggle, 5* Sid, 4* Vader and 4* Daka. I use Vader mainly because he has a Dot AoE and has a toon of hp. Daka, however, can be 2 shot by mobs, whose special crit around 3-4k. I use Phasma as leader just to proc more chances for Daka to stun some mobs. But you may need to try several times (and waist energy) for Daka to have enough control over mobs. It is a pity none of my Allies run Talia, if only I can borrow her and suicide heal.
  • goobstoob
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    that's cool, I figured the loss of turn meter due to poe had a lot to do with it. I don't use lumi in arena because i don't think she has a place with droid synergy, and based on the rest of my characters, I would struggle to figure out which other characters she should go with??(gs, sid, poe, one of the ig's or poggle maybe?)
    i almost have all the achievements for vader to unlock, that will be helpful on darkside for sure. other than that, guess I'm gonna farm luke eventually too. gonna take a break from GS since he's not in any of my main squads right now.
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