Galaxy war tips

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I've just hit 40 and went for my first galaxy war. I managed to clear 10/12 before being completely rekt by a darth maul darth sidious doku barris samuel jackson team.

On the 11th fight, I managed to kill 2 out of 5 (sid and barris) before being wiped. My team was chew, doku, consular, talia, ashoka, 4, 3, 3, 4, 2 stars.

I was wondering: since enemy team retains lost hp even if you lose (and I'm wondering, cooldowns too right?), if I end up in a match that I'm pretty sure I won't win due to having a lesser setup and being a few levels behind, is it worth to engage the fight with the other characters that are not in the main team just to squeze some damage and make them waste a few cooldowns? I don't have much else aside from the main team, but a few lucky hits with my first order tie fighter pilot assisted by a couple of other characters maybe can manage to take someone down or at least put some pressure that will allow me, when engaging with my main team, to take the win.

Any thoughts about this?



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