Is it possible to significantly increase tempo of characters (hidden synergies or something?

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I frequently get match-ups with a team of very similar characters than mine, but somehow it regularly happens that the SAME character that I have too gets 2-3 attacks before mine gets even one. And they're STANDARD turns, no bonus- or counter-attacks. They're similar to lower in level and equipement.
So, this leaves me wondering, if there is a character that significantly increases tempo of his allies or somehow gives them additional turns without them being displayed as bonus-attacks or counter-attacks.

My team consists of:
Phasma (leader)
1st-Order TIE-Pilot
Kylo Ren
Old Daka
Luminara Unduli

It definitely happened with the other team having Phasma as leader too, so it can't be any ability of hers.
If I'd have to guess I'd say it's somehow connected to Dooku (darn OP char that I just can't seem to get ...), cause he's frequently on such teams, but I definitely had it appear on teams without him too.
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  • Stormtrooper Han Solo is a turnmeter Batman. On every turn can passively drop enemy turnmeters, when he taunts he grants turnmeter to own team, and then when you damage him, guess what, more turnmeter to his team.
    Oh, and to add insult to the injury, he gains turnmeter on his basic attack.
  • Well with that line up Dooku will always go first. But there aren't any hidden synergies. I think what is happening to you is the teams might look similar but your opponents gear is higher and that adds a speed difference
  • Phasma does have an ability that gives your team a bunch of turn meter. It's not super effective if most of your team's meter is almost full (the extra gets lost), but when team members' turn meters is around half to 3/4 full it can boost them to act ahead of the enemy.

    There are several skills from various characters that manipulate the turn meter. Dooku has one where he gets turn meter when he acts out of turn (counterattack), so if you attack him or use AoE a lot then he'll go more than everyone else.

    I use Han and Phasma to manipulate the turn meter on my team. I combine that with bonus attacks (GS, Phasma lead) to out damage the enemy.
  • I understand all that ... what I don't understand is how for example an enemy Luminara can get 3 (!) turns (actually even two in a row), before mine gets her first.

    Never had any trouble with a Han Solo team and I can also beat most Dookus (but he seems to be around in most of the teams I struggle with too).
  • Yeah lots of people will think you're just a sore loser or missing something :,) But honestly I get you, if you actually pay attention i have no idea where some of these people get their turn meters from, I too have had times where 1 person will attack, then the same person will go again straight after - not a bonus or anything, just turn meter fills. My HK for example is slow as crap, he can do his base attack, get a crit so gets 30% turn meter back, then go again straight after, sometimes this happens when one of the enemy toons had almost full meter when i did my first. I don't have sid, but he has something that allows fills his meter 50%, and he regularly attacks twice in a row, again even if another char was almost full when he started to attack.

    I think the turn meters spaz out to be honest, it happens in my favour, and against, can't work out why, but as said above it tends to be the ones who do have some small measure of internal meter boost, that perhaps spazzes out and confuses the game. There are so many bugs its hard to work out what is bug and what is some fancy ability.
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