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    Apparently it's merged with this completely mish-mash thread:


    So any explanation, or are mods just doing whatever they want and confusing people?
  • SlyKrysis,

    Your thread contained some good information and was already answered.
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    Are Poe, Boba, or JC good replacements for Bariss at all (keeping Phasma as lead)?

    JC can be dropped except for GW and LS missions, and 5 star him will be more than enough.

    If you really put Barriss on your team, you should pair her with Lumi to maximize the healing power. But every time I see an arena team with Barriss, I am relieved. Because I know in terms of offence it is a 5v4 game. The difference Barriss makes at best is to make your toon live one more turn. But if your opponent's dps are in 4-6k range, and have Poe, the target will fall prey before Barriss has the chance to save him/her.

    Barriss, however, is a dominating existence in GW as leader. 4 stars are enough for that purpose.

    I have Boba at 5 stars and VIII. I am not impressed when he is not leader mainly because of speed. Even if he is leader, Poe can still make sure that the balance of the fight (action sequence) is on his side to debuff or even kill your dps.

    Boba is, however, my leader in Tank challenges and is very helpful there.

    To sum up, I would suggest getting all of them, but 7 star Poe if you want better ranks at arena.

    I merged it with a Galatic War thread because I thought it would help others in GW battles.

  • Thank you for the answer, but I've never seen a forum with such an aggressive closure/merging procedure. Usually posts just get buried, but still can be referred to in the future.
  • Sir? Because someone erased it from the library archives.
  • But only a Jedi could have done such a thing?!?
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