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Please leave any feedback from this event here.

Assault Battle: Forest Moon will be returning soon. As previous, it has the following parameters:
  • Unlocks at level 75.
  • Two tiers, Tier 1 (Hard), and Tier 2 (Bonus Tier).
  • As with Military Might, this event is a series of 8 sequential battles with escalating difficulty, new mechanics, and a special event ability added which can be used strategically to aid in completing the event.
  • The required units are any combination of Empire and/or Droids. This means you can mix and match from these however you want, and there are multiple ways to complete the event.
  • Rewards include shards of all Ewok units, credits, and gear.
  • The event can be replayed one time with no cost each day it runs. Additional attempts can be acquired with crystals.
  • Attempts/wins are not shared between tiers. Refreshing Tier 1 does not refresh tier 2, and vice versa.
  • There is an associated achievement which awards 10 Darth Vader shards and 5000 Ally Coins. It requires completion of Tier 1

As with other Assault Battles there are unique mechanics to learn, and this event is intended to be a challenge.
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  • Durango
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    Ok, feedback from an player that already had three starred it last time. Barely. many retry and RNG. Last time, it was super challenging, forcing me to try different toon combination and such. That was fun.

    Since then, I got TFP, and a lot more gear. Because I decided a few time ago to mostly empire for my main arena team, it was obviously way easier this time around.

    So yeah, needless to say, I steamrolled it. I was maybe hit two time on the entire battle. But it still felt fantastic to squash these pesky little Ewok with all the might of the Galactic Empire. They were so much trouble last time than pulverizing these little schmucks to pieces was totally worth any investments I made in this team.

    But yeah, as good as it felt, I wouldn't mind a extra/bonus tier. I don't even ask for reward. Just pure challenge, designed for level 85 around gear X so we need to think about synergies, what's the best leader, what time is the best to activate event ability, and so on. I fully realize not everyone has an Empire team. Or a super strong droid team. Just the way I don't have supergeared rebels. I just want a bonus tier for challenge only, not reward. I want to play and be able to know a dev is laughing maniacally somewhere.

    All in all, I like these type of event. I think they have a great potential. Long battle. Unique ability. Force you to use some character you might not use everyday. But maybe we need a broader range of difficulties. The same way I suppose some people though Millitary Might was too easy when I though it was the perfect balance in difficulty. (Seriously Military Might was great. Rewards were kinda lame, but event was sweet)
  • I loved it. Thank you! Got great salvage too.
  • this raid vs the empire one, this one is 10 times easier
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  • I must be missing something. I did this before and completed with great difficuly... hours of play... I cant even beat the first Tier now???
  • After 3 Stars on T1 & T2 last time this event came aroud, I cannot get through the 4th round of any of the Tiers now. My characters far exceed what is recommended but I cannot come close to finishing.
  • Yeah I'm pretty sure something is bugged with this event. I was able to beat it last time but this time I can't even get half way through the easiest tier even though I'm using the same characters I used last time but with higher level and with better gear
  • I'm in the same boat. I get destroyed on the 4th round of each tier. My characters are all very strong, but one little Ewok with 3 health bars and the Deadly buff can wipe them out if said Ewok constantly regenerated. Dissappointed.
  • Volantis
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    thank you so much for this event

    I cant win lv 80 (i had won with 3 Stars)
    i cant win lv 75
    i never win lv 85 THX EA for nothing. Im happy to pay never any cent to this game

    EA Please delete yourself

    PS: I want my timeback
  • I'd love each comment on this issue that many including me have had on not being able to complete it this time when we could before but are now stronger... Very frustrating
  • There is something very wrong with this event. I 3* the first tier last time, and 2* the second. That was when I first got EP(5*), and Vader was still only 5*. Now my whole team is 7*, gl10, and super mnodded, and I can't get past the 4th battle on either one. WTH???
  • Boo
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    Option2237 wrote: »
    After 3 Stars on T1 & T2 last time this event came aroud, I cannot get through the 4th round of any of the Tiers now. My characters far exceed what is recommended but I cannot come close to finishing.

    I think this event got harder.

    I kept playing with the same team that I 3 starred the event with last time - every try was a defeat.

    This time I had to switch out to an all droid team (yes - no Vader or EP! - despite Vader and EP being in my top 5 toons in my entire roster) I beat it with droids??? this makes no sense to me but it worked.

    I used:

    HK (L), 88, 86, K2 and R2. - none of these toons are more powerful than my EP, Vader or RG

    "I'm so confused"
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