Need Some Help & Theorycrafting is Appreciated

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Hello everyone, first time posting so bear with me :)

First of all a bit of an introduction; i am lvl 63 atm, in a 50/50 fresh server, i complete the GW everyday and 100-50(most of the time) or 50-20 (sometimes, when i can snipe down ppl at the weekends) bracket of server pvp rank. Oh and i am somewhat p2p i buy the 3k crystal deal every month. And use the crystals for 2/3 energy refills , 1/2 cantina refills per day nowadays.

i am in a bit of dilemma as of today to what to go for in arena shipments and GW shipments.

Light Side Main Team

Luminara 6*(5 shipments away from 7*) gear7 - Leader
Poe 3* (not farming) gear7
JC 5* gear8
Lando 4* gear7
Qui Gon 3* (1 shipment away from 4*) gear 7

Light Side Bench Warmers

Fives 3* gear4
Ashoka 2* gear4
Plo Koon 3* gear3
Biggs 2* gear5

and a bunch of lvl 1's like clone sergeant , lobot , ewok elder , leia , teebo and such.

Dark Side Main Team

Phasma 6* (1shipment away from 7*) gear7 - Leader
Sidious 7* gear8
Old Daka 5* gear7
FOTP 3* (farming ever slowly) gear7
Talia 4* gear6

Dark Side Bench Warmers

Darth Maul 4* gear6
Savage Opress 4* gear5
First Order Officer 3* gear 3
ig86 2* gear6
Darth Vader (never lvled up)
Kylo Ren (Just got it and gonna farm it to 5* i guess)

and a bunch of useless lvl 1's like storm trooper, snow trooper , royal guard , geo soldier and such.

Arena Team

Phasma Lead - Sid - Poe - Daka - Luminara

[*] So the first dilemma here is i just got Sid 7* today, what to go next in arena shipments? or just horde arena credits for future releases like QGJ? Keep in mind how to improve the arena squad too with theory crafting what i have.
[*] The Second dilemma is Phasma gonna be 7* in next shipment and Lumi in a day or two. What should i go for with GW credits next? or just horde for new relases? Keep in mind how to improve the arena squad too with theory crafting what i have.

Thank you all with all your input in advance!

Sorry For The Long Post, Here is a Darth Vader Potato Head

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