Character Strategy- Cassian Andor

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Cassian Andor
Rebel Support who buffs allies at the start of battle and debuffs enemies during battle.
Unlocks at: Four stars
Available from: Tournament
BASIC Attack – Two Steps Ahead:

  • Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 55-85% (Based on Ability Level) chance to inflict Buff Immunity for 1-2 turns. (Based on Ability Level).
SPECIAL Attack – Shock Grenade
  • Inflict Ability Block, Defense Down, Healing Immunity, Offense Down, and Speed Down (once each) on random enemies for 2 turns. If the primary target is Empire, Expose them for 2 turns. If K-2SO is present, he is called to Assist. Then, gain 4-20%(Based on Ability Level) Turn Meter for each debuffed enemy. [Base Cooldown: 5. Max-Level Cooldown: 2]
SPECIAL Attack 2 – Crippling Shot
  • Deal Special damage to target enemy. For each debuff present on other enemies, inflict that debuff on the target for 1 turn. [Base Cooldown: 4. Max-Level Cooldown: 3]
Unique Ability – Groundwork
  • At the start of each encounter all Rebel Attackers gain Defense Up for 1-3 turns, all Rebel Supports gain Potency Up for 1-3 turns, and all Rebel Tanks gain Tenacity Up for 1-3 turns(Based on Ability Level). If K-2SO is present, he gains all of these buffs.
General Strategy
  • Cassian is a new Rebel Support unit capable of controlling the battle through enemy debuffs. His basic attack is capable of applying Buff Immunity, thus preventing them from gaining buffs critical to their success. His Shock Grenade can inflict Ability Block, Defense Down, Healing Immunity, Offense Down, and speed down on random enemies as well as his Crippling Shot copying debuffs present on other enemies to the target.
  • Cassian also supports his allies through his Groundwork unique ability that will grant Defense Up, Tenacity Up, Potency Up and Protection Up.
Hero Synergies
  • Cassian, as a Rebel Support character will perform optimally with a full Rebel squad. His special can call K-2SO to assist and his unique grants a Role-specific buff to rebel allies.
  • Outside of the Rebel factions, he performs well with teams that inflict numerous debuffs on their enemies. Characters such as Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett, Sidious, Vader, and IG-88 will do well with Cassian in their squad.
Where to Use
  • Cassian is great in AAT, under a Jyn lead he can add a lot of expose debuffs to the enemies in the AAT Raid.
  • Cassian performs well in PvP Squad arena, again paired with Jyn for maximum use of expose and for the general Rebel synergy.
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