Name Changing difficulties

So, we all know Guilds are coming.

A little while ago, I was able to get on support chat and have my in game name changed from Shewski to Shewski |FTB| to reflect my affiliation. It took me literally 5 minutes. Others have done the same. I'm worried however, that many of my guildmates are expressing difficulty doing the same thing.

Now, if guilds are coming in the next update or whatever, and that's why support is not helping them change, then please just let us know. Support telling us they can't do that when they already have for countless players is annoying at least and insulting at worst.


  • EA has been told to not change names on both forums & game unless it violates any rules, they're working on an alternate option for the future.

  • That's all well and good, but that's not the response that people have gotten. I have no issue if that is the case, but since 90%+ of name change requests probably revolve around guild tags, I think it is to EAs benefit to have something official posted to avoid having to deal with these requests.
  • Shew, I was one of the first people to get my FTB tag. When I called, they told me it couldn't be done and it took me asking to speak to someone higher up to get it done after I explained that others had done it before me. Maybe let the people having trouble know to be more persistent on the phone.
  • Aaaandddd my smilecry emoji didn't post. Love forums.

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