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Anyone is Lvl 52 and can play Events ? I r3ally like to know what you can/have to do there and what are the prizes .


  • Sysy
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    I am not there yet but I assume event is just another challenge unlocked with keys, which can be purchased somehow.
  • It's a unlock for the training bots and mining droids for a hour. 50 energy though
  • Keaven
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    If you had the cantina glitch you caught a preview.
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  • Not worth doing in it's current state.
    In beta there was no energy cost involved. You just needed an event key to unlock the content which would then be available for an hour only.

    Right now, unlocking still gives you 1 hour to run events, but it costs 50 energy to actually start the mission.

    The current rewards provided for 50 energy is so pathetic you're better off spending that energy farming normal missions for upgrade material.
  • That's sad. I had the glitch and at a low level you could only play so much. It wasn't anything spectacular. I would have rather had access to the cantina. They shouldn't charge energy for it. I remember there was a special event I could never do then something else that had tiers for different levels similar to other areas in the game.
  • Yeah. I'm really confused as to what they were thinking there. Are they there as a trap for those of us who think less strategically? Only my ID-10-T droid would consider spending 50 energy on those.
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