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Hello, holotable heroes!

I’m dropping by to let you all know about some upcoming changes to the way we release characters.

As you are no doubt aware, we have been using a new event structure to introduce new characters into the game. We’re really excited for you all to experience the upcoming Lord of Hunger event and hope you’ve enjoyed playing with Director Krennic and Deathtrooper in the Special Operations event. There’s been some questions floating around about when you can get more shards for these characters. Is this a recurring event? Will these characters be available on the board?

Fret no more, answers are here!
  • Our current plan is to have nearly all of our new characters (aside from some VERY special characters which we plan to release through “Yoda-styled” events) released through the new event structure for the near future.
  • The intention behind the new event structure is:
    • Give new character releases the pomp and circumstance they deserve.
    • Release new characters more regularly to keep the game fresh.
    • Get the characters into your hands!
    • Additionally, for those of you that are able to complete the events and are so inclined to purchase packs, the events will enable you to progress part of the way to their 7 star version for free.
  • After the end of these events, we are going to wait for approximately four to six week to move the characters to Chromium packs and/or relevant Category packs and/or the Shard Shop (we’re still designing this part of the deployment).
  • From there, after another four to six weeks characters will move to either a Shipment or a node on the Light, Dark, or Cantina Battle tables
    • To be clear, all characters from an event will move together at the same time, so Director Krennic and Deathtrooper will both go into the Chromium at the same time (when they move there) AND to the board (when they move there later on).
    • As such, you can expect any new characters to end up on the board within two to three months.

We’re working on the timing of these phases and hope we’re able to get this down to clockwork sooner, rather than later.

We’re going to be monitoring your feedback and the data as it comes in on these events and make the appropriate tunings to bring you the best experience we can. Please bear with us as we go through the next few tuning passes and lock down our schedule.
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    What about Ships?
    Ships released through the new event structure WILL have the same timeline as characters. Ships not released through the new event structure will be have a different release cadence. Further details regarding this latter group of ships will be revealed at a later date.

    Shard Shop and Character Rotations
    We’ve been seeing questions about whether characters, as they move through the character release cadence, would be making an appearance in the Shard Shop given the recent changes. The Shard Shop’s intention, at the moment, is to be a place where players can use their excess shards to obtain gear, NOT characters (except for Grievous). Moving forward, characters released through the Marquee event structure will not be passing through the Shard Shop at any step.
    If we decide to make any changes to the character release cadence and the Shard Shop, we’ll let you know.
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