*** UniKøRns and the KøR Family of Guilds Recruiting for Heroic AAT Raid

The KøR family includes 15 Guilds, many are successfully completing the Heroic AAT Raids but a couple of the guilds have openings.

UniKøRns has been completing since the week after this new raid was launched and has plenty of experience. Many of us already have 6* General Kenobi.

Do you make the cut?
Do you have 25+ Gear X+ Characters...the right characters?

Strong Accounts are required. Daily 600 is required. LINE chat participation is required.

If you qualify and don't want to be left behind in the game that you have invested so many resources into, please reach out to us on LINE. When contacting us for consideration, please include a link to your SWGOH.gg Account.

Contact us quick as we do not typically have openings for long.
Key - LineID: keyman64
Gremlin - LineID: Gremlinswgoh
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