Idea to Make Galactic Wars more Interesting *Read if you like Gambling*

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Nobody Likes doing galactic war. Nonetheless we do it anyway. I have a proposal to make Galactic war a little more interesting by increasing the risk/reward. Please let me know what you think.

When galactic war first fight is launched, you have an option to lock in your squad. If you lock in your squad you can only use that squad for the ENTIRE war. Once all members of the squad have been defeated, your war for the day will be finished.

The Lock in is optional

There will be no rewards other than Galactic war tokens from the current boxes if you choose the lock in option. However, If you complete the entire war you are given all rewards you would have gotten from completeing the nodes on normal plus a bonus box. This box will be sent to your inbox. The bonus box would grant 5x-15x character shards of any character.

On the next consecutive galactic war, If you complete the galactic war through the lock in option, you will receive a box with gear (raid gear or salvage).

You can only complete this challenge once a week.

Please let me know what your thoughts are. Lets make galactic war great again!

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