Cheater or Not ?

Is this Hack or am i bugged


Max is 16 no Crystal refreshes bu he is 19 ?!?!?!

PS: Its Turkish Language i guess it must be "Missions"


  • He is missing one challenge ;)
  • I think Dyha is saying that ship challenges count so max is 20 now.
  • No. Maximum possible is 20.
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    so ship challenges/missions count for this. i didnt know that thank u for quick responses my bad sorry
  • Bit poor form, coming to the forums to (incorrectly) grass a guildmate up. Sure glad you're not in my guild. I'd have simply asked the guy or googled it.
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  • You also have to remember guild activities reset five hours before the dailies reset.

    One example that I sometimes do to help out my guild is holding off on starting GW until after 7pm, finishing all twelve nodes before midnight, then doing all twelve before 7pm the next day, getting 24 nodes done for the day.

    Same thing can be done with challenges and PVP attempts.
  • Reporting potential cheaters
    If you want to report a potential cheater, please send a message to @CG_LucifersDaddy with details on why you think someone is cheating, your ally code and the name of the suspected cheater.

    Do not do this in the forums. :|
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