Solution to the massive pileup of useless gear...

I know for a fact I'm not the only player with stacks in the hundreds of parts I have absolutely no use whatsoever for. Since we are no longer able to sell parts which would come in extremely handy, why not a different solution? How about you have every so often, as with credit heist and other events, a Jawa Sandcrawler show up?! Players can sell stacks of 1-20 of various parts they have sitting around collecting dust, and in exchange they receive a jawa currency that can then be spent on useful parts they need in the Jawa Sandcrawler equipment shop? Would be a simple solution to the mass accumulation of junk gear and give players a solution that can be useful.


  • I like that idea, how about you have a gear shop, similar to the shard shop. And in it you can exchange unneeded gear for gear currency in order to buy more advanced and rare gear. They should also update the bronze packs to have higher gear given as you reach higher levels.
  • Ooh, I like this idea. Makes things interesting and useful.
  • Agreed. Forget the hundreds, some of mine are in the thousands. There are so many useless pieces of gear. Like, almost everything you get from challenges. There are four useful gear pieces in the three challenges combined. Kind of silly if you ask me.
  • Not much to say other than having a way to get rid of the useless gear is an amazing idea
  • Yeah but don't get your hopes up. The devs would rather make us suffer with God awful pieces of useless equipment that just accumulates in your inventory than follow through with an awesome idea like this.
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