Half your guild ready for HAAT while the rest stalls???

My name in-game is Ja Tokar. I am the leader of Ritman's guild and we have 25-30 people who are ready for Heroic AAT Raid now. We need your help to complete the guild. A merge of 25/25 would be perfect if your guild is ready...

Raid times are 6-7pm PST. We will be doing heroic soon. Hope to have room for you.
Reply here or join as ally and I will invite you individually.


My Line ID is jatokar.


  • Hey if you would be willing to merge into our group of 8 guilds I can get you guys in a nearly there HAAT guild, you should take it over the line. Let me know if you're interested
  • I am definitely interested. How many spots would get have for us?? We have about 15 rosters that are already ready for Heroic Tank. Others are working on it, but would understand if we had to separate.
  • If I need to lower that number to ten, I believe I can. Also, what are the Raid times?
  • I can fit all of you in our group. The HAAT ready guys I can move into a nearly there guild. The others I have a perfect.guild for them. Doing heroic rancor. When they are ready they can move up to the same guilds as you. Come join me on my discord we can have a chat
  • If you have anyone left out HMU and I can find a home for them. Congrats guys - guild mergers are sheer genius.
  • Bump. Merge didn't workout bc of raid times. Does anybody have a guild that would be ready for HAAT with the addition of 10-15 great rosters? We hope to find a home where ppl start raids around 9-10 EST.
  • Ja Tokar,
    I read your post. I think we can work something out. I don't think we could take more than 10 of your folks if your interested. We are trying out HAAT this weekend. We know we will be a little short as our current bottom 10 are holding us back. This is where we want you guys. I am sure we would succeed if you have 10 HAAT ready.

    My in game name is D'Anrath, ally code 498-856-348
    swgoh guild is here - https://swgoh.gg/g/5893/no-exuse/

    We also have a super whale coming to join very soon as well.

    We are on an East Coast time schedule, normal raid time is 9pm. with 24hr no damage rule in effect.

    We use LINE to communicate.
    LINE ID is: danrath50

    Let me know if your interested
  • I'm building a non-heroic guild as a feeder guild into a conglomerate of Heroic guilds (Bounty Hunter Guilds.) Having been previously shown to the door when I was lower level by a merging group (simply wasn't powerful enough), I know how it feels for the lower half of your group that might be removed. I have room in my Heroic Rancor/Normal AAT guild for anyone that you need to cut. As long as they do 600 daily, they are more than welcome.
  • Fix, just sent you a DM, I'm on Discord: DarthVitiateHD#5025 or line: lordvitiate77
  • We Start HAAT at the 13th march, 6 Places left
    Would be nice to fill our guild with potential members :)
  • Infos:
    Europe timeline
    German/English guild
    R7 3x/week, T6 2x/week,
    Most of us are ready for HAAT, but Not all, so it is the First times we try T7
  • Thank you all for the offers. We are merged into a HAAT now.
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