Do you see a better line up for me?

Hello everyone,
I'm usually use Barriss (L) 4* Ahsoka 4* Asajj 4* Dooku 3* Chew 3*
But i'm not sure that is the best line up a can make with the other char i've : "Ct-5555" 3* General Veers 3* Aayla 3* Talia 3* Cad bane 3* and a Hoth rebel Scout 3*

If you see a better line up tell me and try to explain me because i really want to understand how to improve.
I'm lvl 39 atm


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    I would put Cad Bane in for Ventrus. He is a monster imo.
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    Yeah, Asaji is really slow. I can see her being good fully leveled but as it is for me, she frequently gets the buff dispel resisted and rarely stuns with her aoe not doing much damage to get finishing blows. I think Cad Bane's anti-jedi skills would come in handy more often.
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    Thank's for explaination :) I will test this !
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