Anyone have Boba Fett maxed out?

I am curious to know whether he's a viable character in the higher levels and if it's worth my time trying to level him up.


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    Just look at his stats on cantina
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    I got him to 5* and switched. Although he's not terrible, cantina shipments offer 2 premium characters as well as Dakka who is really good. I recommend you switch to one of those characters, unless you're building an extremely niche team.

    Bobba (lead), Luke, IG 86, IG 88 and Poggle

    Would be an example.
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    Hes an odd one, had him 6* for a long time, he was a lot better earlier on to be honest. His basic does ~3k when it crits, which is very poor compared to the rest of my team (though tbf i run a droid team), with no other effects than gain a tiny turn meter on killing strike. I do however still use him in arena - hk, 88, 86, poe, boba, mainly cos with that lineup my area attacks are fantastic, and between him and 88 i nearly always ability block their whole team. His revive doesn't do much for me either as hes inavariably the last one alive anyway so its already over, but that may be because my other guys have such low health.

    I would stay clear unless building an aoe team to be honest, basic is poor, unique has never done much for me, leadership is good but not end game good.
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    Bobba was my first 4* character out of the old data card system! Don't know what I would of done without him! Great leader, ability block, aoe and hits hard! I'm pretty attached to this guy and maxed him out, but end game he takes a back seat.
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