Why fix whats not broken? (Team help)

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I post this out of curiosity really... Currently my team is:
Sid (lead) (Max*), Luminara (5*), Dooku (4*), Poggle (5*, IG-86 (4*)

I consider myself FTP having only bought the droids pack and picking up Dooku in a lucky bronze pack.. I always finish top 100 in arena which im happy with and always complete galactic war, most of the time without losing a toon.

They work well together, all are good individuals but work together as a team, poggle offensive up, IG-86 can get 4-5k damage with sid leading and poggles speed buff helps him.. Dooku is just amazing and lumi always heals and gets a crit (3-4k damage) on force blast...

My question is is that i really like first order characters and the hype surrounding them, I was thinking of farming the team of Phasma (Lead), Kylo, FOTP, Sid, Daka.. All of which i have farmed to the basic level (with the exception of sid who is max)

What i was wondering really is with me always beating GW, finishing top 100 and progressing well in the game is whether i should bother changing my team or not?


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    Your team sounds pretty solid for Squad Arena, and given that you mention that you beat GW every day, it must be strong enough for it too, but, as I see it, there's no harm in trying other characters or team combinations.

    In my opinion FOTP is, as of now, one of the most explosive characters, and a comp of mostly First Order is pretty cool, considering you place Phasma as lead.

    If there are no other characters you're farming right now, I'd say give it a go and start farming those you mention and see how they work for you. You can test them in high level cantina battles to see which of both have more synergy, and if that new team is at least close enough to your current one, then go ahead and try it for Squad Arena.

    As for GW, well, there's never too many characters you can benefit from.
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    iif you're doing ok in arena i wouldnt change anything. just wait until the next update hits before you make any investments. the last thing you want to do is invest into something thats going to get nerfed or run out of materials for something that got super buffed
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    Cheers for the replies guys, my aim in the future is to build a team with a good synergy above everything else, i was going to build a first order squad but like shampoo mentioned things could get nerfed..

    I think im going to wait until next update see what gets brought out and go from there, sid seems irreplaceable as leader so i dont think im gunna try and get my phasma up.. I may try and get kylo up but i dunno cause i just cant see him fitting into my team..

    So my next question is really to the people who have kylo and that is is he really worth having? If i am to drop anybody it would probably be poggle and IG, would phasma and kylo be better than poggle and IG? Id perhaps switch phasma to lead and sid would do a job.. i dont really know hahaha..

    I ask this as im F2P so i dont really have the luxury of testing it out as it will be a massive waste of time and resources if unsuccessful
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    The folks above have some great advice. I'll tell you as a p2p, I have phasma and ren maxed and they sit on the bench for arena, helpful in gw. Sid at high level lead does great, high level I'm talking about 28k power, and poggle with buff and ig with damage are a great addition. Personally I would keep working what you have. Some of the ftp line ups are as good as they get,'you just need to keep at it and not veer off farming something else.
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    Only problem I would bring up is your low hp, I would drop someone (Lumi) and pick up Poe. With the high speed and damage of the others you should be getting 3 attacks to your opponents 2. Grabbing a meat shield to take the damage for 1.5 rounds (about all Poe will last) will give your dps time to kill. I have found that in the arena heals are overrated, resurrection and debuff removal are more important.
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    Good point, in the arena i useally come under teams with a lot of AOE especially first round, my teams has fairly decent HP and with lumis' low speed she normally goes last. I normally get rid of one opponent in the 1st round with IG and lumi force blast. Then by the back end of 2nd round all my characters are on red/yellow hp so i heal up with lumi, this strategy works a good 80% of the time..
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    As you level up and get higher in ranking that will change. With Sid, Dooku and 86 all maxing out at 10k hp and under all of them can be one shot by Geo, Rey and FOTP. Having someone to keep the heat off of your damage characters is key. What's the point of having a healer going last if 2-3 of your damage dealers are already dead.
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