Advice on arena team.

I have been using the following team make up in arena and finish top 10 everyday. Usually top 5. I know it is a weak server, but my method seems to work better the way I have done it WITH BARRISS as my leader...seems like when I put Sid or Phasma at leader, I get killed quicker, and Barriss provides the heal bonus. Looking for some expert opinions here ( or tell me to shut up and be happy I am finishing high on a weak

I started Jan 4 (roughly)

My current arena team
4* Barris / gear 7 / level 5 abilities - LEAD
6* Sid / gear 7 / level 5 abilities
6* Lumi / gear 7 / level 5 abilities
5* Kylo / gear 7 / level 5 abilities
4* Dooku / gear 7 / level 5 abilities

This team power is 18,864.
I also have everyone max geared for my level(59) so I can't get gear 8 on anyone. All are 4-5 out of 6 there, so I am missing the 1-2 gear pieces to get to 8 that I need to be level 60+ to get.

I also have 4* Poe, 4* Phasma, 4* Daka all gear 7 with level 4-5 abilities.

I then have a bunch of others, but not worthy like 4* JC, etc.

Can anyone help my team make up or even strategy of i use Sid or Phasma as leader? Everyone also says how they are the best leaders...yet, when I switch them up to my leader, I probably lose 30% of my arena battles. When Barriss is leader I lose maybe 3-5% (maybe 1/5 battles every few days)

Thanks for any help!


  • Triqui
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    If you replace Barris for Phasma (L) you have pretty much a cookie cutter f2p Phasma team. Focus gesring those, and maybe replace Dooku with QGJ or Poe, until you can add stars to Dooku
  • Triqui
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    edited January 2016
    About your question, I bet your server is fairly new. In my server, Barris leaded teams dominantes for the first 60-63 lvls. Then they started to dissapear.
    You should keep her if you are winning. Just be ready to transition.
  • Krey
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    Stick with what is working until it doesn't. But eventually, you are going to want to switch to Sidious or Phasma as your leader, and you will probably want to drop Barriss for Poe.

    However, Barriss is a great leader for GW, so you will want to keep her leveled and geared. Do not stop farming her.

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    Get rid of Barriss and put Poe in. That is all I can say.
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    Just look at what everyone else is doing since all the top teams are just about the same. Hopefully they will add some new characters soon so we start to see some originality.
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    Gotcha. Thanks.

    I am farming Daka to 5 stars and then will start leveling up Poe. Was waiting until after the update to see how bad the nerf hammer hits him. If it doesn't- no harm other than I have waited and he won't be maxed. If it does and he is useless- I'm good.
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