It’s a Trap! Avoiding 20 Common Newcomer Pitfalls in SWGoH



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    Thanks to all for the comments.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • I know I enjoyed the read. Though the title is just awesome. Everytime I see it that scene in the movie comes to mind,lol.
  • This is an excellent list, very helpful, thanks for posting!
  • Definitely a wise Guide... I am super guilty of many of these Noobie mistakes, especially the Talia trap... Does anyone recommend Admiral Akbar? I love the Defuffing/Healing power of Lobot and think that Akbar may be much better considering his extra skills, right?
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  • Your guide came early enough so I didn't waste my farming.

    Came late cos I didn't buy the starter packs :(
  • Great guide and important to bear these points in mind, especially if a limited investor or a F2P player. I made several mistakes early on and wish I had planned more.

    Some of the mistakes I have been guilty of:

    - bought chromium packs and burnt through 15K of gems in double quick time with a lot of trash. I'm no gambler so this was a mistake as it only compels you to try again. I resisted the urge!

    - gearing and levelling up too many characters. I wish I had known how hard it is to get the energy, shards and gear at the lower levels and had banked my resources for a core team more. The number of times I've been left with no credits or droids to level up a hero as I've spread everything too thin!

    - Planning - Learnt my lesson (see above point) and concentrating on a core of 5 (sid, luminara, dooku, JC and Phasma) with a couple of fast track additions - Kylo Ren and QGJ. Next will be my glass cannons - GS and IG86.

    - Hero Packs - I started playing around Christmas and wish I had known then what I know now. At the time there were around 3-4 hero packs and it seemed they would always be there. Wish I had bought the droid and heroine packs at least, but hopefully they will do these 'packs' more often. I like the predictability of knowing exactly what I will get for my investment rather than the lottery chromium packs represent.

    - spend crystals wisely - spend on a couple of 50 crystal energy refreshes and 100 on a cantina refresh would be the most sensible way to spend.

    Looking to learn a lot more and plan my teams better. Enjoying the game but find the RNG gods are most often against me...
  • Thanks for talking me off the ledge,( I.e. Spending crystals on a chrom pack) I did one 4 pack and got ns intitiate! But then I got a magma guard ( bad). Fost ok and the tuskan leader which I only use in support and healers challenge. So kinda a bust. It's just been frustrating trying to get shards for my Jedi ,except lumi. I've been playing since the end of December and still have only 4* jc 4* barris and I been farming qui gon for 2 weeks now at 3*.oh yea I have a 4 * Ashoka, that I put on hold while farming qui gon. I have 2300 crystals and every few days I think maybe I'll get lucky,but I hold off. Your right just farm from gw,arena and even tho it's much slower cantina. P.s I did get lumi,and barris in bronzium,but nada since then. That was 6 weeks ago.
  • Awesome guide. Im a new player and this is very helpful. Btw my ign is Electronic 455 and i just fought "keltar" in my pvp arena server (rank 30ish). Is that u?
  • I think one of the biggest mistakes I made (and I would consider myself both an rpg and star wars enthusiast) is that I spent too much energy into "heroes" and ignored support characters.
    characters like the FO pilot and resistance trooper add really valuable buffs for your team but unfortunately I put so much effort into jedi and sith fighters I'm struggling a bit now.
  • Altoon33 wrote: »
    Altoon33 wrote: »
    Having trouble on squads , not clear who should be with who? Any suggestions on a sound approach .

    Really does depend on how you want to fight? Would you prefer to control turns? Beat down? Or strike often?
    I'd suggest read the character descriptions, find a hero you like and then find support characters to buff them as you choose.
  • It's important to note for new players that buying chromium packs early is very useful because you will get heros that start at 4*. I payed money early and got maul dooku nute gun ray which easily carried me but if you don't continue to spend they are useless. I was in the top 10 in squad arena for my 1st month because of this.
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    great guide, ty for that!!

    im a newbie here, just playing for 8 or 9 days so far... but i did something right because i was able to finish gw the last 3 times (3 out of 4 so far), just lost the first because i didnt know the retreat option..grr..
    im lvl 48 and on a - seems like - new server because im in the top 50 in arena here, best place atm 19.

    im a f2p so was trying to get the best characters you can lvl pretty easy, my team is st han (got him at the beginning), jc ( beginning), lumi ( gw char, was easy to get her because i did well there - and she is great), genosian soldier (easy one too, great char), and qgj (great and easy to get and lvl).
    im running that team in arena and gw and they are doing great so far ( all of them max.gear and max lvl.)
    im just changing the leader sometimes.

    working on sid atm, i just want him for my darkside team, but after im maxing my st han first.
    besides that, i will max. lumi, qgj and gs soldier before working on other chars, sometimes i try hard nodes on dooku but that will take time.

    may the force be with you guys!
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    Thanks, man. I have leveled up very fast, don't know how, but all my characters are lower than my level. Sitting at 400 in the arena, even though I'm level 70. I have NO 7 star characters and only 2 6 star characters. I have unlimited 4* characters because I can't resist farming em up to 4 but 85 seems like so much shards. I have done a horrible job thus far. I do VERY well in GW though, and can win every day. I am very close to maxing luminara with 75/100. I use a team of 6* lumi, 6* sidious, 4* qui gon, 5* talia and either 5* dooku or GS. I usually use sidious or qui gon as leader, but if I use qui gon, I sub talia out for my 4* JC cuz jedi speed boost. I love qui gon, as he is the only 4* aside from JC I would consider for my main team. In arena, i frequently fight all 7* team. I realized recently that I spent too much time trying to even out most of my characters (Although 4* ewok elder and 5* IG86 were very good decisions) and that is why I am failing. I want to get qui gon to 5 and lumi to 7 and see if my luck changes. Thanks!
  • @Qeltar very good guide, I wish I had read your post sooner, as I had made many mistakes: using crystals for a chromium pack, for sim tickets, not using the sim tickets at the early stages, not using refresh energy at all until reaching level 40+

    Been playing for two weeks now, lvl 52 with qgj, lumi, ig-86, geonosian soldier and talia or chewie, but doing bad in the arena, today got for the first time rank under 200 (got to 98 but before the prizes got drop to 116), but 90% of the teams I defeat have higher power, higher stars and higher gears, many with two or three characters on lvl 7 gear while I just got one today.

    Other bad choices I mayde was to unlock Savage from the arena, and not farm shards from the beginning, some times just farming random shards...

    Really thinking to start again from zero
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    I make sure I have a strong enough core team to stay above #200 in PVP, that way I'm guaranteed 2 shipments a day and can easily farm a character from there, beying that tier the rears aren't really thathink much better to try to get beyond that. I do galactic War daily, it's frustrating as hell but worth it. I use my core team, and I have two "back up" teams, that usually wins me the day, or at least gets me to the final one or two battles, still get great rewards from that, and farm one character at a time with those crystals. I do my dailies and all of my challenges everyday. In cantina I farm 1 character through battles, and one character in the shop. I have spent some money on the game, but I have 3 teams of 7 and 6 star characters (almost 4) at lvl 70. I need to work better at farmING gear though, and lvling their abilities to max. The Yoda challenge kinda through a wrench in the works because I had to start farming more Jedi that I didn't have before lol the only thing I usury spend crystals on its cantina energy once a day
  • This is very helpful and motivating, i just started today and i felt like i was flying through everything until i went to the forums and saw how much bigger the game was, and i realized i was a total noob :lol: but thats not gonna discourage me, ill try my best to get to the top, but i mainly just wanna enjoy the game, come on its star wars! Thanks, ill come back to this to refresh my brain as i progress through the game. May the force be with you!
  • @Qeltar Really good guide. Was just browsing through forums since I haven't in awhile and came across it. Still a good read and refresher even for vets. The only comment I'd like to make is if you could update some of the comments about certain characters. since the time you posted some chars have been fixed or are stronger example: Asajj and RG (in relation to your comment that Ventress is bugged and RG might be a bad char to get chrom shards for. - These chars have come a long way)
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    Very relevant and helpful guide. Much of it is just common sense once you understand the mechanics of the game, but all necessary rules to follow. I have been playing 2 weeks now as f2p, and following most of these points religiously. Currently at lvl 45 - deliberately leveled fast just to get a basic team built up - but now hitting the competitive wall, and feeling the need to slow down on the farming and earn some stars.
    Concentrating now on Arena, GW, and Challenges. These are all good slow leveling activities, acquiring power from stars, Umats, and gear upgrades. Also refusing most of the Daily achievement awards since they are mostly xp and a paltry sum of gems and credits.

    I bought 1 basic Chromium pack with gems near the beginning and immediately realized it is a waste of gems. It was ok to do at the start just to get some characters and shards, but after that, gems are better spent on energy for farming the things you want and need.

    Just 15 shards from a 5* Ventress gear lvl 6. I've been throwing as much as possible into her, and she is paying off. A bit slow, but gets the job done. Still using 4* Talia gear 6. She does good damage, but her heal is dicey and must be timed right. Chewy is still pulling his weight at 4* gear 6. As team leader I like his hefty team Defense buff. Also have a 4* Jawa and a 3* Hoth Scout gear 6, that do good damage. The Hoth Scout is fast, gets lots of turn meter bumps, and seems to survive a lot.
    Closing in on acquiring Lumi who will nicely round out my team, along with Ahsoka, I hope, if I can get her up to 4* quickly.

    I have a like/hate relationship with the Royal Guard. I put a lot of energy into getting his 2nd * which I'm not sure was worth it. I like his high stun chance, but he screws things up a lot by taunting at the wrong time and getting himself killed. Sometimes he saves the day, but it is more chance than skill.

    As it is now, my core team is mostly starter players and becoming obsolete, so the main objective is to collect as many shards from GW and Arena as I can for better support characters. So with some time and patience it is pretty easy to put together a competent team and play successfully by following your simple guidelines.
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  • Thank you so much for this write up. I read all of it and as a new player it has helped me.
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