How to farm Zetas! Farming and ship battles guide

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I noticed there wasn't a ton of good content on how to farm the ships and beat the battles needed to start farming zetas. So we got some of the swgohindepth family together this weekend to put this together to try and fill that space as best we can:

In the coming weeks we will add a second section on which character abilities to prioritize for zetas based on what a player's priorities are (AAT, arena, etc....), but as far as just getting the zetas to begin with I think we did a good job here for you guys! We worked really hard on it and hope you like it and find it useful in-game.

Anything that needs correction or improvement please let me know here and we'll fix it. Thanks!
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  • First section of this guide has been a big hit on the site and we start working on the next section, along with a parallel Zeta Strategy themed podcast featuring Smithie D next week. If you don't have zeta abilities on farm yet and you are building up your ships to get there I can't recommend strongly enough that you check out the above link. It's literally the only guide of its kind I can find on the internet.
  • Still the best Zeta farming guide out there! Detailed Ship battle analysis. We will add a guide to spending Zeta s later this month!
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    Awesome guide thanks for the insight
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