Workin on my Arena Squad. Advices plz

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İm at 52lvl and currently i run in arena with this team.
- Darth Sidius 6* Gear VII (lead)
- Luminera 6* Gear VII
- Poe 5* Gear VII
- Poggle 4* Gear VI
- Geo Soldier 5* Gear VII

Working on star and gear up dis lumi and geo. after i 5* poe, i can go to Qui. i cant decide to continue with poe. i could not get much efficiency from him. İ got 4* Leia, Kylo, Qui, 86, Maul, JC, Kit, İma, Chewy, Phasma, Bariss, Talia, Asajj, Boba, Daka..
Anyone got advices for me? Replacements or another squad suggestions. Thx all
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  • Krey
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    The guys in your squad are fine and fit into the current meta. Just keep starring/gearing/leveling them and you'll be fine.

  • main thing is i focused these 5 guys mostly. So i want to make some alternatives&improvements to my team setup.
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