Does it make sense that at lvl 11 i compete against lvl 34?

Why are the leaderboards all based on how much time you have instead of how good you are? Is this going to change? Will they refresh groupings? Or have they made the decision to avoid strategy in favour of cash and time spent. Am fairly new but please correct me if I'm wrong and the matching discrepancies are just temporary


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    ranking is irrelevant below 10k rating as it's not accurate there, also most people after doing their dailies and achievement claims rushes from 1 > 28 so it's not impossible for you to see a level 34 on set of arena
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    Im at level 200 and consistently rising. But i dont play missions enough so i can see my ceiling looming. It's just an odd way to rank ones self. How much can you play the game and time your life around stamina usage. If they need suggestions i think the best one would be to regroup based on level or power level in set intervals. They dont need 20k person groupings
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