Dooku riposte

At level one it had a 25% chance to give 30% turn meter when attacking outside of his turn.

The bonus for getting it to Lv 2 was "adds 25% chance to grant 25% turn meter when attacking outside of his turn"

Instead of making it 50% chance to add 55% turn meter (which is crazy, I know) it reduced the already 30% turn meter gain down to 25%.

Then I upgraded it to Lv 3 to add an additional 5% gain. So now at Lv 3, it is exactly where it was at Lv 1. How odd.

So is the tool tip bugged for Lv 1 and it doesn't actually trigger or what?


  • I think there's a bug going around with the skill descriptions at level 1.

    I've noticed this same thing happened to me with Barriss Offee.

    For some reason at level 1, the description is incorrectly showing what the level 3 or 4 skill would be. But I don't think you're getting the actual benefits of the higher level skill bonuses at level 1, it's just displaying the wrong thing.

    So then when you upgrade it looks like it's going down when in actual fact skill level 2 and 3 are the correct values it should be.

    I have Flawless Riposte at level 5 and the description currently is:

    Count Dooku has a 100% Counter Chance. In addition, he deals 15% more damage and has a 25% chance to gain 35% Turn Meter whenever he attacks outside of his turn.
  • I thought that was the case. Thanks.
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    Dooki sound slike an absolute monster!!! Love it
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