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About me. I'm currently level 72, uh, been playing for a few months now. I think I've gotten myself some good strategies for farming and characters to use so I'd like to share them. Feel free to criticize or suggest what I say in the replies down below.

My arena squad has changed a bit lately, but I'll give my suggestions and reasoning why anyway. For a lead I use Captain Phasma, because Phasma is the best leader that seems to work for me in arena. Phasma will grant you bonus attacks that seem to be quite frequently, or always happen right when I need them to. Along with Phasma I use the Jedi Consular, Boba Fett, Vader, and Dooku.
All of the more experienced 7* everything players are probably scratching their heads right now.
Jedi C onsular is the only character I have at 7* and is very effective against pretty much everything. I don't think he needs much explanation. Boba Fett deals high amounts of damage, damage over time, and can revive himself. I don't think he requires too much explanation. Darth Vader is a bit of a strange seeming choice to me, but he works. With his ability block applied on basic attack, combined with his special attacks he works very well with Boba Fett to quickly knock down targets via his "Culling Blade" or from Fett's "Execute." From all the Youtube videos I've watched about the game over the course of my time playing, it seems that until recently Dooku has been almost frowned upon. I used him anyway. His constant counter attacks that chip away on enemies, effectiveness against Jedi, but now the stuns. Dooku stuns people so frequently it's not even funny it seems. Along with his ability block chance and Vader's, I can spot a priority target- say for example one that can revive someone, and then ability block them with Vader or Dooku. Then the next turn I can concentrate my fire on either that target, or another target I feel needs to be downed faster.

That's that. But this is a farming guide. For me I've been farming Dooku ever since I downloaded the game, he can be farmed at the following locations ; Hard Battles 1-C Dark Side, and 1-C Light Side. Dooku can also be farmed on Cantina Battle 6-G. He didn't seem to take too long to unlock, and my progress as promoting him has been steady. He's reliable for me in everything, therefore I think he should be a priority.

The Jedi Consular as you all know is one of your first characters. He is very easy to farm with many locations ; 1-B Light Side, 1-D Dark Side, 3-C Dark Side. Cantina Battles 3-A and 6-E are also locations to attain Consular shards. The Consular will work well for you in arena, cantina battles, light side battles, I've not really found anything where I don't have a good reason not to use him. Personally the Consular shines the most in Galactic War with my clone squad. Rex down to 2 HP left? No problem. Consular heals him to near full health in an instant. Now I'm just babbling aren't I?

Boba Fett is a quite fun character to use, I do believe that I got a huge boost in unlocking him from daily login rewards when he was a part of that month's rewards. Aside from that he is still quite farmable. Cantina shipments, fleet shipments, Dark side 2-B, Dark Side 4-E, and Light side 8-A. While he is quite limited in just being worked at through the battles, him being in the cantina shipments seems to make up for that. Boba Fett is a very reliable attacker who just doesn't know when to stop. Anyone who's ever fought him knows how annoying he can be. Aside from all of the bonus attacks he gets from his basic, which can also grant damage over time, "Death From Above" one of his specials can ability block half the enemy team, or all of them if the chance gods are blessing you. Boba Fett's other special "Execute" works very well combined with Vader, it works just fine working with Fett's basic attack. On top of all his damage output, Fett can ignore taunts. He is hands down one of the most useful characters in this game- in my opinion of course.

Captain Phasma is only farmable through the Galactic War shipments and the shard shop- if you're high enough to have the shard shop. Phasma alone isn't really the greatest character, especially not in a First Order team, but I feel like Phasma is quite useful in arena- at least with my squad. Phasma's basic attack deals physical damage and inflicts defense down on a critical hit. If the attack is not a critical hit Phasma has a 25% chance to gain advantage for 2 turns - resulting in a critical hit. Phasma's special "Victory March" grants allies turn meter and advantage. Advantage will give your squad members critical hits, and is essential in a First Order lineup. Phasma's other special ability "Fusillade" I must say doesn't seem to be too great. Physical damage with chance to inflict speed down for 2 turns. It's just.. Eh.

And finally the dark lord himself Darth Vader. Darth Vader isn't really "farmable" until you're at a higher level, so this won't really work for low level players. This I apologize for. Darth Vader is attainable through achievements and fleet shipments. However he is very well worth the time and effort. His basic attack can inflict ability block- not evade-able or resistable to Jedi. His first special attack "Force Crush" applies 3 damage over time effects to all enemies for 2 turns. This combined with his ability block on basic, and Boba Fett's damage over time on basic makes for insane amounts of damage. His 'finisher' as I like to think of it is his second special ability "Culling Blade". Culling Blade works the same as Boba Fett's Execute, as it deals physical damage to enemy, dispelling all negative status effects on them. Each debuff the target enemy had results in more % damage. On a finishing blow this ability grants Darth Vader 100% turn meter, practically giving him a free turn whenever he kills someone with this ability. The only difference between this ability and Fett's Execute is that Boba Fett does not get turn meter, and targets killed by his ability cannot be revived, and Fett's ability targets all status effects, not just negative ones.

This is my first big post on this forum, as I've just signed up today. I've been a member of several smaller community forums before, and I hope I can actually like this one. I would appreciate any constructive criticism left in the comments, changes to my squad, replacements for characters and why. How does my squad work for you? The only change I can see myself doing in the immediate future is replacing the Consular with Luminara or Bariss, however I need to unlock Bariss and level up Luminara first. I know this thread was a little 'all over the place' and I do apologize for that, but hopefully it helps someone out.
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  • I'm a new player so I'm not quite sure how valid your information is, but I do like reading guides lol. So, thanks.
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    I probably started around the same time as you and am level 68. I agree with Vader for the reasons you listed but use him as my lead. I use 3 star nihlous and for me he performs as well as any 4 star I have.all his attacks do good damage. My only five star is luminara I don't know the spelling but I unlocked her early and she basically is a better Jedi guardian. The other 3 I rotate in are s opress, who I just got to 4 stars,sidious and genesion soldier who hits very hard. I use tanks red guard or K2so cause I unlocked him when I started but red guard is still at 3 stars. I recently got sun fac so will probably use him more once he is four stars. I see you don't have a tank. Posts I have seen say b2 is best and have seen good things about sunfac st han and red guard. I agree c plasma has a great leader ability but like you her 3 attack irritates me. I've just got dooku but would probably prefer him to opress or sidious once he's leveled. Same with my boba

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    I disagree with your thoughts on this. I'm a little higher at level 77 and this is a much better farming guide:

    JC is not a good character - might want to get to 7* eventually only because he has a ship. CP is good for GW but too slow for Arena which should be the focus as this is how you get crystals. Plus, you need rebels/scoundrels for the credit heist.

    Farming rebels will allow you to unlock EP at 7* who is a sith and an empire character. Vader I don't find all that strong until you get him to 6* - I'm still on 5* with him (I have 5 more shard until he is 6* though).

    If you want to provide advice on farming, then please provide your swgoh link so we can see how you have been trending.
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