Looking for character name AArd or anyone from the Guild Russian Heroes

I'm hoping to get a message to AArd on my arena shard.
He is a member of the guild Russian Heroes.
We have most of the common top 10 people in a separate chat so that we don't get in each others way for our respective payouts.
We suspect AArd has his payout at noon est. The problem is he is nothing but a pest after that.
I've been hit 3 times today before my payout (about 90 minutes from now).
This is impolite. Long story short, if you want to make my life difficult before my payout I (and others on our shard) can make your life difficult before your payout.
Life is better when everyone can get their respective payouts, especially when there is 7 hours between our respective payouts.
If anyone can pass this message along it would be appreciated.


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