ally needs

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i'm trying to narrow down my list of allies to just ones that i would need for various missions and challenges. anyone here with the list of heroes below that can still add me up? 486-251-157

still not sure how allies work, like if you need to have a particular hero as a leader for others to see it. i'm assuming you just need to at least use them regularly in a squad.
  • Phasma 7* G8
  • Talia 5+* G7+
  • QGJ 5+* G7+
  • Barriss 4+* G8

i use these toons regularly for various modes and we can hopefully make this mutually beneficial:
  • Lumi 7* G8 (usually lead in GW)
  • Sid 7* G8
  • Phasma 5* G8 (usually lead in arena)
  • Daka 5* G8
  • JC 5* G8
  • Asajj 5* G7
  • GS 4* G8
  • Dooku 4* G8

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