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Why don't they have bouty hunter, republic or separatist as keywords? Super annoying. And wouldn't asajj have the sith keyword?
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  • Hey, Savage Opress' description says he is a tank and he has defensive abilities to back it up, but the is not flagged with the tank keyword. So there are bugs.

    You are right that Asajj should be Sith, even though Sidious and Dooku betrayed her near the end of the Clone Wars series.

    Republic and Separatist make sense, but there would need to be abilities that affect those keywords as well.

    Bounty Hunter? Well, the bounty hunters have "scoundrel." There are not enough true bounty hunters to justify their own tag, so they share scoundrel with other criminals and Nute Gunray, who I guess is a war criminal. But Han Solo is not a scoundrel, despite being the original scoundrel, so go figure.
  • Yeah, but scoundrel is a lame keyword. And if you look at future characters that are coming, there's a lot of bounty hunters coming. At least like 7 or 8 more. And ig 88 doesn't even have the keyword.
  • Uh where are future characters listed?
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    I had it bookmarked, but it must have been taken down. The group on Facebook I'm in have posted it a couple of times. But boskk, aura sing and at least one other from the movies are on it, plus like 4 or 5 from the clone wars show.
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