Thank you CG for saving me from wasting more of my time

Been playing since December 3rd and started to lose some interest in early January (completing GW multiple times just seemed to have made me not care as much about that mode) yet stuck with it as I figured it was still a decent time killer and I liked collecting characters.

Really started to wonder why I was even spending my time in the app for the last week and change yet stuck with it figuring I'd wait until the next real update and go from there. I would just think about what the point was to gear up characters to battle in the same modes only to try and get more stuff to gear up or unlock characters that I may then use or not use to do the same stuff. Basically, it's just a cycle with no end and not even a fun one at that after you've done hundreds of battles.

Well today was my breaking point as I am not going to waste my time with this app that I feel is garbage and a great example of why I'll never download another EA published freemium app ever again.

First off, the last week has had GW matchups that near the end are teams that are higher levels than me and that I simply can't beat because they are wallet warrior teams (shout out to you pay to win guys...good job there on being so lazy to not even being able to put in the work for your teams. Why even play a "game" if you just want to buy your rewards?) and this wasn't something I had seen at all in the mode until the last week clearly showing it wasn't just random. Furthermore, I was getting similar type teams as me starting at battle 5. I still completed it in all but the last 3 days of this last week and up until then, every day since the GW update earlier this month. I do not mind a good challenge but having teams I can't beat now (unless I go drop hundreds of dollars) continually showing up is not a challenge nor is it fun and if this is a game like some refer to it as then it should be fun.

If the GW matchups weren't bad enough, I can't believe the utter cheese in the AI. Yesterday in GW I re-did a battle twice (using different characters so it wasn't just duplicating) and the AI Phasma leader ability created ten bonus attacks both times for the AI team. My phamsa led team had one in the second attempt and zero in the first attempt. Note that I won this battle but that is beside the point. Just because one may win, that doesn't mean obvious issues don't exist.

Today in my final arena match, I went against a team that had Phasma and they had 4 bonus attacks in the first 5 turns meaning 80% bonus attacks....on something that has a 18% chance. Those turns and bonus attacks (since they were almost all critical hits at that) wiped out 3.5 of my 5 characters so I just retreated as there was no point to keep doing it.

Earlier today in an arena match I saw more Phasma bonus attack garbage as well from a lower power team that I should have cleaned up but it was a close one that I won.

So there's that Phasma garbage which is ridiculous.

Then you have Daka, the most broken character in the app. I'd guess that in all the matchups I have faced against her, she has stunned a character over 90% of the time...on something that is supposed to have a 45% chance. Today in the Phasma 4 bonus attack in 5 turn arena match, she stunned 3 characters on her 2 turns. She stuns me more than my Dooku stuns Jedis despite the vast difference in % chance and it's enough of a sample size to know there is an issue and it isn't just the lame rng excuse people give.

If her ridiculous stun ability wasn't bad enough, her 10% heal seems to happen at least 70% of the time and her heal revive that is supposed to bring people back with 1 health is broken and brings people back with 27.5% health.

So those two characters are beyond annoying when I face them simply because they have magical boosted proc rates that if they aren't intentional then there is something the devs screwed up in the programming.

As for other issues, I find it fascinating how my characters almost always get the lowest possible damage they can compared to the AI versions of the exact same characters when we're both attacking the same characters. This has especially been apparent since I have been using Poggle and with Lumi's blast ability. With offense up, she almost never gets a critical hit and gets something a bit above 4k damage (which would be what, 2700 without the offense up) while the AI Lumi seems to almost always score a critical hit which gives more damage than the 50% up one I use and even when she doesn't get a critical hit, it's always above 3k damage. Quite frustrating to be using a buff and you still don't get any more damage than the AI version's non buffed exact same character.

It's almost like armour exists for the AI but doesn't exist for my characters. I saw one turn today (in that final straw arena battle I have mentioned) where my Lumi got something like 1300 damage on the other team's Lumi and there weren't any effects to cause that. Huh? So my 6 star, level 65, gear 8 Lumi now hits like a 4 star gear 7 Dooku?

Then there are critical hits as a whole. The AI characters get critical hits like crazy compared to me and again, a large enough sample size to know it isn't just rng at work. Really great when I have Sid as a leader and the opposing team has no leader ability that boosts critical hit % yet they still get more than me, even if the AI characters are the same.

As for negative effects, it is amazing how my guys usually get the absolute worst possible outcome they can while the AI versions don't. I can do Sid's move and usually only get 2 characters to get damage over time and 1 effect at that while the AI Sid usually gets 4 characters and 2 damage over time on each.

Fives rarely counters now while the AI counters like crazy. Had a match where he had 5 straight counters and 6 of 7. I'm lucky to get 5 counters total over 3 matches.

Speaking of counters, Dooku's countering (a character I have) is absurd. It's pathetic when he can do more damage on a counter than decent characters like Sid can do on an attack. Hit one today that had 2400 damage on the attack and Dooku got over 4k on the double hit counter.

I can also almost predict every time when an effect will land or be resisted along with when an AI character is going to dodge. A true random system would not be that predictable.

Regarding dodging, my Sid rarely dodges Jedi attacks while the AI Sid can dodge most of them. Same characters and very different outcomes with a large enough sample size. Oh and when AI characters have evade up, they usually dodge. Does my Lumi? Hardly ever.

I thought the assist ally stun bug was fixed but it isn't. Had it happen today in an arena match. A random system shouldn't be looking to usually call the lone stunned character to assist in an attack. Speaking of the assist abilities, it's funny how it often calls in the weakest possible ally or the worst possible one. If I target Sid with it then it often calls in Lumi who then has her part dodged. If I don't target Sid then it'll usually pick a low damage character (instead of someone like Lumi) for the assist. it is frequent enough to not be random.

I have seen AI characters attack me then get stunned RIGHT AFTER and the stun disappears and it isn't because it is their turn to's a bug. An example happened yesterday where Lumi hit my Dooku, he countered, stunned her and it just poof, disappeared. Obviously it wasn't Lumi's turn to go RIGHT AFTER SHE ATTACKED. Now one could maybe argue it is because it was still her turn when she got stunned but I have been countered by Dooku, stunned and it didn't disappear so that excuse goes out the window.

I'm just fed up with all that and then having my intelligence insulted by people behind the game saying it is all random. If it was all random then in 8 weeks of HUNDREDS of battles I would see it go the opposite way and in my favour at times. Even in battles against weaker/lower level teams in GW, they seem to almost do the same damage as my more powerful versions of the same characters yet if the roles were reversed in those battles, the higher power AI would wipe the floor with my characters. Random doesn't mean the AI ALWAYS gets the benefit unless we're talking a rng system that came from Vegas slot machines.

I'm also sick of the pathetic drop rates and how much grinding needs to be done when you get to the higher gear levels. Pathetic drop rates wouldn't be too bad if you didn't need 20+ of an item per slot and having multiple characters need the same item. Oh and the time it takes to move up a single level when above 60 given how sparse solid training droids are is ridiculous.

The other thing I am tired of is the massive imbalance and how there are way too many characters that can one shot a decent amount of maxed out characters. TIE Pilot can do it, Rey can do it, Resistance Pilot can do it, Geo Soldier (who I have on my team) can do it, IG86 ((who I also have) can do it along with many others....having characters that can one hit or barely miss a one hit kill is insane, especially when turns sort of go based on speed. Which brings me to speed...

I am tired of watching Daka continually go before my Poggle and Geo Soldier, two characters that have higher speed. Happened every single time I faced a Daka team so yeah, not random and my teams in those cases were faster overall. I have also seen other quirky turns that don't match what the speeds should be of the characters/teams.

Arena mode is also setup in a silly way with how you can jump up so many spots or lose so many spots. It also really seems every other day is a day you "show up" for people to attack you since I rarely moved yesterday while today I was being attacked quite a bit.

All in all, I just got fed up with this poorly designed and programmed app so I'm done and won't even bother to see what the new update brings. There's no point in wasting time on something that continually shows AI cheese and no way they will ever change it since that isn't the EA way. The EA way is to always screw over the player.

This also isn't a case of me just sucking at the "game" as I did well, finishing under 50 quite a few times the last couple weeks and under 100 for the last oh 3 weeks save for today where I was barely above it (and that is with me not really focusing on my arena squad for the last two weeks since I wanted to get more characters) and it is clear based on teams I have faced lately that most people around me now are people who have paid some cash. Being critical of something doesn't mean someone just stinks at it.

All the power to the people who enjoy this app and those insane enough to be dropping crazy amounts of cash on it but I'll move onto far better apps and real games. I will say I fully expect the majority that are gushing on the app here to see the light in the future just like I have seen in other similar apps where the wallet warriors and defenders come around over time either before those apps went to junk or after and they go down with the ship. I expect this app to be gone by early 2017.

Oh yeah...if the data mine someone on reddit posted is accurate, Geo Soldier is going to get a new level for his assist ability which will get rid of the already super short turn meter it has now (he can use it every other turn) so that means he will have his assist ability ready each turn which means easy 9k+ damage attacks if you have solid attackers. Have fun with that, people.


  • Hmmmm... I sense a disturbance in the force.
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  • Better off calling mommy to cry ... Unless she reads these forums...??
  • Bye
  • Translation : wah wah wah

    But seriously, RNG is part of life. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you will enjoy it.
  • Ye, I'm not reading that... Have fun!
  • Anyone got a TL;DR?
  • Gurley30 wrote: »
    Anyone got a TL;DR?

    Yeah it's:

    "Wah wah wah, RNG, wah wah wah"
  • As a top 30 grossing app, I'm sure the poorly constructed app you noveled about is giving cg heartburn. Next time you only need a few sentences with a few expletives to get your point across.
  • I kinda skimmed through it and what I got out of it is that you're salty because you farmed mob enforcer instead of old daka.
  • Tl:Dr confirmational bias.
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  • Gurley30 wrote: »
    Anyone got a TL;DR?

    Tldr; GW OP, Daka and Phasma OP. That's all I got from the quick skim
  • zzzZzzZZzzzZZZzzzZz people better and more money than me ZzzZzzzzzzzzzZzzzzz, why can't I auto through all 12 battles ZzzzzzzzZzzz
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    About the ai having higher procs. Well its true and if you don't admit that, then your just another fanboy that will soon cry about a character or something dumb. I myself can complete everything after reset within 45 mins and place 1st in pvp everyday, but in all honestly the AI definitely has higher dodge, stun and leader percentage than a controlled player.

    Note to op, i skimmed through your post, it was way to much to read lol. Also just play when your bored and never spend if that's the case. Subscribe and follow me here Home to Team Instinct
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    @shimsham Unlike all the other "nice" people in this thread (somehow the term "fanboys" comes to mind...), I actually can identify with most of the stuff you're saying. This game is a clickfest pretending to be a strategy game, when in fact there is more strategy in rock-paper-scissors. And yes, I also am wondering, what it is that forces me to launch it several times a day (and first thing in the morning). And, like you, I'm starting to think that I would save so much time if I just stopped playing.

    I really wish they'd introduce some fun elements to the game. Like loot, but not the way it is now, but with varied, random stats, so that we'd have differently equipped teams trying to decide who's better. Or skill trees for characters, so that there would be some variety. As it is, this is more of a collectible character app with interactive elements rather than a game.

    There, now there are two people whom you can ridicule and insult. Enjoy.
  • I still believe AI proc rates are too high when they happen too much.
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    the AI definitely has higher dodge, stun and leader percentage than a controlled player.
    No. And if you ever check it (with actual numbers, not "feelings"), you will know it.
  • If you aren't a fan boy, you are a conspiracy loonie. I, too, deal in absolutes.
  • Haha man longest rant I've seen without any supporting stats.
  • About the ai having higher procs. Well its true and if you don't admit that, then your just another fanboy that will soon cry about a character or something dumb.

    I would like some evidence to back up your claim. The devs have already stated before that the AI does not have enhanced proc rates. They have nothing to gain by lying to us about this, so I'd take their word on it. It would be like the equivalent of you telling your financial advisor that he is wrong about the going price of a certain stock without you even looking up the price of it yourself. The devs helped create this game and have access to the information needed to verify the truth of certain claims. Believe them when they say that the AI proc rates are the same as yours.

  • TL;DR
  • Summary for those lazy enough not to read the OP epistole:

    ....I didn't farm Phasma and I am really upset. Bye bye.....

    I may do leave soon as the game is too demanding on needing me to tamagotchi or babysit the game every 6 hours, etc.

    Any excuse is good though...Phasma is as good as Poe. The game is really hitting on people nerves and is good overall. :-)
  • Summary for those lazy enough not to read the OP epistole:

    ....I didn't farm Phasma and I am really upset. Bye bye.....

    I may do leave soon as the game is too demanding on needing me to tamagotchi or babysit the game every 6 hours, etc.

    Any excuse is good though...Phasma is as good as Poe. The game is really hitting on people nerves and is good overall. :-)

    You really read that? I barely skimmed through it and realized he was obviously owed something and was forced to download the game. ZzzzzzzzZzzz GW rigged or something.
  • So lets see if I got this straight, which I might not seeing how I skimmed through it because no way am I reading all that.

    You was losing interest in the game because you always beat GW, and nothing much to do.

    Now you quite because you can't beat GW anymore, and sick of grinding because of poor drop rates?

    Yup. Totally understand your reasoning ( end sarcasm )

    About ai proc rates. I've said it for over a month. The ai has much higher proc rates than the player, I don't care what the devs say. Take my last battle in today's GW. In the last battle today boba was my last target. He rezed himself 13 times before staying dead. Granted he did nothing but jump up to just get killed again, and I was actually laughing at watching it, wishing I made a video of it, but you get the point.

    Don't get me wrong. I finish GW everyday, and always finish in top 4 in arena and win 99.9% of my battles, but at the same time I have had very few fights when I proc as much as the ai, and only times I have procced more than the ai was times the ai didn't have someone to proc with thanks to fast kills.
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    TL,DR:I quit.
  • Closing this thread.

    The last few posts pretty much is saying the same thing and no constructive discussion is being made. The OP has made his case.

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