New gw bug ft. Daka

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I created this topic this morning in the bugs and issues section, but I guess not many people went there to check it out, so I'm bring this issue to the general discussion.

I don't have pics or videos to prove, but this bug actually went into my favor. I had a team of barriss, Sid, jc, lumi, and daka fighting node 11. In the end, my daka got knocked out, but I survived the round with the rest of the 4. On the final 12th node, daka was back into my lineup. Someone plz also confirm this with me. Ty


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    Daka has some weird bugs according to people that used her.
    I have her myself as well but haven't experienced anything like this.
    This does however, belong in the bugs section.
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    Are you sure she didn't revive from her passive without you noticing?
  • Lirg
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    She was defeated in the early rounds of attacks. Never self revived. Finished the battle well after her death. I guess no one else in the forum experienced this issue. Such a shame I didn't have the battle recorded.
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